Ok, it took me WAY too long to upgrade something to 5 stars I kept making 4 star critters and didn’t want to feed them to my bear. Finally, I said enough is enough, I can’t finish Faimon yet, I need a stronger tank. I need 5 stars. So, I now have a 5 star awakened water warbear. Did that a couple nights ago, and he’s up around lvl 20 so far. I have a moderately good team of water based monsters, but I keep getting thrashed on the second to last level of faimon. you face a 4 star unawakened light monster as the last battle. I’ve only got one dark monster so far, so i’m not able to really take advantage of elemental weaknesses.

A few more levels and my bear will be able to clear fiamon with one paw behind his back.

So, last time I was telling you about the water warbear, since my last post I have improved him a lot, he is Awakened, and up to 4star level 30. The self rez every 8 (i’ve upgraded to 7) turns can be a life saver in some fights.

My stable of 4 star monsters is up to 6, with two of them awakened, the Water fairy Elucia is rubbing the sleep from her eyes. I have also awakened a 3 star fire hellhound (Sieq). My other 4 stars are the Wind drunken master, wind werewolf, light garuda, and water magic knight. (those last two are maxed out at lvl 30 till I can farm enough food for them.

I’m starting to switch gears to farming food monsters, i’ve unlocked faimon volcano, but haven’t explored it yet. My party is still a bit on the weak side.

There is no elemental dungeon open today, so i’ll work on magic essences and farming up some food for my 3 stars to make 4, so hopefully I can get a 4 to a 5 soon. I’m thinking the water bear gets the honor of being the first 5 for me.

So, I’ve been watching videos about the changes to minecraft with the 1.11 update.

I’m very interested in this observer block. It seems to be a rather powerful little guy. I’m quite excited to begin experimenting with it. Zero delay transmission will be a game changer. For those of you that haven’t heard about it, the intent of the block is to detect block updates and pass along a 1 tick, signal strength 1 pulse from the output. Here is the WIKI link. Redstone builders will find this block very useful in compacting circuits, and in transmitting redstone power vertically without the delay of a torch tower.

Some of the contraptions i’ve seen demonstrated are very ingenious, 1wx3d elevators of whatever height you want. (so far only seen them going up. For down, just aim for a slimebl0ck/water drop) Horizontal people/mob/item movers, very fast item elevators, extremely compact adjustable (1-4 tick) clock circuits.

Here are a few video links


Waffles – INSTANT ITEM TRANSPORTATION (Using observer blocks) – Minecraft 1.11 Inventions

Mumbo Jumbo – 5 SIMPLE Redstone Builds for Minecraft 1.11!

The other big change on 1.11 is the Shulker Box. Which appears to be a storage container that can be stored inside a chest or your inventory, and has similar capacity to a small chest. According to Mumbo Jumbo’s video (linked below) one double chest full of shulker boxes full of items contains up to 101,952 items which is an insane amount of storage in one double chest.

Mumbo Jumbo – How To Build Auto Shulker Box Storage in Minecraft 1.11!

It just occurred to me, that an enterprising person could setup a shop selling prefab kits, say for x diamonds, you get one shulker box containing everything you need to start a small homestead, (wood, cobble, seeds, iron for tools and buckets, torches, wool, etc.)

Can’t wait to see how it plays out.


Well, thanks to the recommendation of BBB, I picked up Summoner’s War on my iPhone. I took to it immediately, it’s easy enough to start playing, with a good tutorial. Also there is enough posted content from everyone and his bear who can give information to get you going.

So far, I have a handful of 4star critters including the water warbear which is the only one i’ve managed to awaken so far. This bear is a hang of a good tank even at 4 star awakened lvl 15. I’m using him to farm up some one star food (two trees and a slime at the moment) in the hard area of the forest.

His runes are as follows.
1> +6 Tenacious Energy Rune (3 star) Atk +37, Hp +2%, Accuracy +6%, Atk +4%
2> +6 Fatal Rune (2 star) HP +8%, Spd +1, Def +3%
3> +6 Fatal Rune (1 star) Def +21, Cri Rate +1%, Spd +1
4> +7 Fatal Rune (2 star) Def +33, Def +2%, HP +1%
5> +6 Cruel Fatal Rune (1 star) HP +310, Cri Dmg +1%, ATK +1%, Cri Rate + 1%
6> +6 Energy Rune (3 star) HP + 16%, Atk +6, Atk +2%

I am getting the fatal 4 pc bonus ATK +35%
and the energy 2pc bonus HP +15%

I know the runes are not the greatest, i’m still working on them, but after all is said and done, i’m rocking 7k HP, a bit over 280 Atk, 310 Def, 15% resistance. totally not bad for early in the game.

My other 4 stars include the Water Magic knight, a Light Garuda, and a water fairy. My next monster to upgrade from 3 to 4 stars will be either a wind werewolf or wind drunken master

What do y’all think, which one should I work on getting to 4 star next? Post a comment below.

Alright guys, I’ve decided to release the first bit of my book, I’d like opinions. Well, here goes…



The year was 2025, rising pollution and population levels meant one thing. We had exhausted mother Earth, it was time to go to the stars. We humans are a strange bunch, we are too often controlled by little bits of paper, innovations that could benefit all humankind are bought and stored away by people that don’t want to see those benefits cut into their private supply of little bits of paper. Wars are fought over natural resources, differing opinions of politics or what supreme being one chooses to believe in. However within the human heart also exists the capacity for greatness in the face of true struggles. When galvanized into action around a common cause the internal bickering drops off, and we become as strong as a colony of army ants cutting through the jungle.

The  crisis of 2025 brought humanity together like nothing has before. What caused the crisis? As offshore drilling went further and further in search of the last dregs of oil, we dug too deeply and accidentally woke something best left sleeping. Deep underground in a protected pocket of earth was the lost civilization of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis have not been seen since before the disaster that buried Pompeii, they had become myth and legend. Unfortunately myth and legend often have some basis in truth. The first warning anyone had of their return were strange sounds picked up by the sonar nets near the Laurentian Abyss, a place in the ocean roughly 4 miles deep. When a small man made island appeared on satellite photos a few hours later it was already too late to take action. Quebec City, and New York City were the first hit. Powerful energy weapons knocked out communications and sophisticated computer virii caused havoc among hardened defense networks. The confusion and disruptions extended from America to Europe to Australia, Africa and Asia as everyone on this planet is linked whether they like it or not. After the initial wave of damage, a powerful transmission originated from the floating island, it was a message to the leaders of the governments of the world with an ultimatum. The people of the Earth have 30 years to leave or be killed.

It has been quite some time since I attempted to write on my pages, the whole site needs an update. I probably need a good slap for letting it go so long. But, as the saying goes… Life happened. Continue reading ‘Welcome back from the Abyss’

How y’all are? it’s been an interesting couple weeks.

My book is progressing. I’m not ready to release any of it yet, it is still quite raw. however, I have a story to relate. I have changed jobs again, i’m now managing computers for a small company. I am the only guy in the department.. I am IT..

Today, I was up at work and had some minor successes, got several things off my list. My predecessor was not a very technical person coming from the music field instead of technical.. (don’t ask it’s better that way.) I had installed a tracking software for printed media, and the person in charge of maintaining the media had returned from vacation. 

I approached this person and started telling her about the new software, and asked when a good time would be to train her on the use of it. She informed me that she didn’t start THAT position till august, and that I needed to train the current person in that role. Essentially, if she’s not getting paid for that function she wasn’t going to expend a single brain cell on that information. 

ok.. today is 1/3 of the way through july, roughly 3 weeks to go. I have three options, I can A) train the current person, then later train the new person. B) Take the issue to her supervisor that had told me to train her in the first place. or C) Do nothing for 3 weeks, working on other projects that are nearly as pressing and train her when she feels like doing her bloody job.

Option A, I hate doing work twice, plus if person A starts the task and does it in a different way than person B, I will have to listen to person B gripe about how she would have done it differently, but now everything is all messed up and how am I (the IT guy) going to fix it?

Option B. I’m 2 weeks into the job, do I want to start internal squabbles this soon? I could do this with a clear conscience in that A) I tried to follow orders and train the appropriate person to do the job, and B) reported back my success and/or failure to the person I answer to. I just feel that it would be a very hollow victory as word would spread that I run to the bosses anytime things don’t work my way..

Option C. I would only do the work once, I would not ruffle any feathers, but the inventory of the printed media would be postponed for 3 weeks. And I DO have other pressing matters to attend to. A VOIP/PBX system that doesn’t want to do what I tell it. Antiquated computers that need to be refurbished and/or replaced. A constantly changing list of computers vs users requiring computers and I have a shortfall in one of those two areas. Intercoms, software licensing, and on and on..

I guess my problem with the situation is that if it were me inheriting the job of logging the media inventory, I WOULD want to be on it, and trained ASAP.

Oh well we all have our own sets of priorities.

To tie back in with the title, I’ve decided to go with option C, with the fallback of B if cornered and questioned by the boss. It’s not really my business to make everyone behave in a sane manner.. Therein lies insanity itself. So, my philosophy of the whole business is “that’s not my Circus, and those are not my monkeys.”

Holler back if you have anything to say.

New project


I have decided to begin writing a book. So far I have the title and 11 chapter names. Now to fill the chapters in.. I may post the first chapter here, once I get it done, so y’all can let me know what you think.

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So, red dragon made her first trip to Canada last night. First impression of the place, it`s bloody cold. I`m wishing red dragon had fire breath powers or something to warm up with. The initial mission is interesting. I got through to the boss battle then had to crash for the night.

At least it is a change of pace from trashing gangs in westside. and I am picking up lots of costume unlocks. who knows, i might be able to unlock an entire set this way. also getting some light to moderate refinable material that can be converted to zen to purchase character slots and such.

all in all, I’m liking Alaska so far.

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So in recent months I have toyed with various games since leaving wow and eve. My current projects include star trek online, lord of the rings online, and now champions online. All three are free to play games that have premium items purchasable from an in game micro transaction store. For the most part I have only used my in game time to generate the currency involved. I have made a couple real currency purchases for things I wanted after much deliberation.

But i digress..
I really like the f2p business model.

So, here I am now with CO and my new hero red dragon. She is a healer archetype. Has dragon wings. A lizard head and Dino tail. She’s red.. I know real original.. But its more of a test run. Once I get the hang of the game I’ll make me a new main and equip it with money I made from number one.

You have a wide range of choices concerning all imaginable facets of your toons. This winged creature can fly and rain down the heals and damage from on high. You can customize the colors of your powers. Even select powers a la carte.

FYI. Flight doesn’t combine well with a melee fighter.. Ranged or magic is fine but flight is hard to control sometimes.

RD just hit lvl 15 so I’ll relate more when I know more.

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