How y’all are? it’s been an interesting couple weeks.

My book is progressing. I’m not ready to release any of it yet, it is still quite raw. however, I have a story to relate. I have changed jobs again, i’m now managing computers for a small company. I am the only guy in the department.. I am IT..

Today, I was up at work and had some minor successes, got several things off my list. My predecessor was not a very technical person coming from the music field instead of technical.. (don’t ask it’s better that way.) I had installed a tracking software for printed media, and the person in charge of maintaining the media had returned from vacation. 

I approached this person and started telling her about the new software, and asked when a good time would be to train her on the use of it. She informed me that she didn’t start THAT position till august, and that I needed to train the current person in that role. Essentially, if she’s not getting paid for that function she wasn’t going to expend a single brain cell on that information. 

ok.. today is 1/3 of the way through july, roughly 3 weeks to go. I have three options, I can A) train the current person, then later train the new person. B) Take the issue to her supervisor that had told me to train her in the first place. or C) Do nothing for 3 weeks, working on other projects that are nearly as pressing and train her when she feels like doing her bloody job.

Option A, I hate doing work twice, plus if person A starts the task and does it in a different way than person B, I will have to listen to person B gripe about how she would have done it differently, but now everything is all messed up and how am I (the IT guy) going to fix it?

Option B. I’m 2 weeks into the job, do I want to start internal squabbles this soon? I could do this with a clear conscience in that A) I tried to follow orders and train the appropriate person to do the job, and B) reported back my success and/or failure to the person I answer to. I just feel that it would be a very hollow victory as word would spread that I run to the bosses anytime things don’t work my way..

Option C. I would only do the work once, I would not ruffle any feathers, but the inventory of the printed media would be postponed for 3 weeks. And I DO have other pressing matters to attend to. A VOIP/PBX system that doesn’t want to do what I tell it. Antiquated computers that need to be refurbished and/or replaced. A constantly changing list of computers vs users requiring computers and I have a shortfall in one of those two areas. Intercoms, software licensing, and on and on..

I guess my problem with the situation is that if it were me inheriting the job of logging the media inventory, I WOULD want to be on it, and trained ASAP.

Oh well we all have our own sets of priorities.

To tie back in with the title, I’ve decided to go with option C, with the fallback of B if cornered and questioned by the boss. It’s not really my business to make everyone behave in a sane manner.. Therein lies insanity itself. So, my philosophy of the whole business is “that’s not my Circus, and those are not my monkeys.”

Holler back if you have anything to say.

New project


I have decided to begin writing a book. So far I have the title and 11 chapter names. Now to fill the chapters in.. I may post the first chapter here, once I get it done, so y’all can let me know what you think.

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So, red dragon made her first trip to Canada last night. First impression of the place, it`s bloody cold. I`m wishing red dragon had fire breath powers or something to warm up with. The initial mission is interesting. I got through to the boss battle then had to crash for the night.

At least it is a change of pace from trashing gangs in westside. and I am picking up lots of costume unlocks. who knows, i might be able to unlock an entire set this way. also getting some light to moderate refinable material that can be converted to zen to purchase character slots and such.

all in all, I’m liking Alaska so far.

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So in recent months I have toyed with various games since leaving wow and eve. My current projects include star trek online, lord of the rings online, and now champions online. All three are free to play games that have premium items purchasable from an in game micro transaction store. For the most part I have only used my in game time to generate the currency involved. I have made a couple real currency purchases for things I wanted after much deliberation.

But i digress..
I really like the f2p business model.

So, here I am now with CO and my new hero red dragon. She is a healer archetype. Has dragon wings. A lizard head and Dino tail. She’s red.. I know real original.. But its more of a test run. Once I get the hang of the game I’ll make me a new main and equip it with money I made from number one.

You have a wide range of choices concerning all imaginable facets of your toons. This winged creature can fly and rain down the heals and damage from on high. You can customize the colors of your powers. Even select powers a la carte.

FYI. Flight doesn’t combine well with a melee fighter.. Ranged or magic is fine but flight is hard to control sometimes.

RD just hit lvl 15 so I’ll relate more when I know more.

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Random thought


Twas the night before Tuesday and all through the house. All the kids were in bed and so was the spouse. The late winter weather had me in my sweats. While we made plans to take the dogs to the vets. Not tired at all I was feeling fine. So I guess I’ll go play star trek online.

To any old friends reading, hi, missed you guys. 

To any new friends, Welcome!

I used to play WOW as a Moonkin druid named Katt.

I have not picked that back up, but I have been dabbling in LOTRO and STO since both games are free to play.

I enjoy both games and can happily plink away at them till sometime in the future when i might pickup wow again. 

I think I may start posting again about my gaming experiences. I will definitely have to find my some lotro blogs to scour, hoping someone will be as informative for that game as BRK, pike, or BBB were/are to wow.

Anyway, i’m still out here. hope i havent been forgotten totally.

I’ve begun to notice a trend, you parents out there may recognize the effects.

I was a funloving person, I enjoyed music of all kinds, movies of all kinds (well almost, those of you that know me, know what kind of movies I don’t like…) I liked to be spontaneous, do what I want, when and how I wanted. Laundry was an afterthought to be taken care of when I ran out of clothes. Dishes slightly better kept than laundry. The main focus being to prevent anything from growing it’s own ecosystem.

When I became a parent the first time, I had already begun a metamorphosis because I was married and trying to make myself less annoying to my mate. Sadly, that marriage didn’t last (I never quite changed enough), but the child is still always in my thoughts even when I can’t easily see her. This second time however, almost everything is different. I found a new mate, one that is very much like me in many ways, but a complete polar opposite in others. Along with this new addition to my life came two new children, and rather quickly afterward a third. So, I now have at home 3 young ladies under the age of 7. As Geoff Foxworthy said, “I live in the estrogen ocean, the giggling nekked barbie woodstock.”

I have found that by necessity my tastes in music and movies have rapidly changed. Where once my playlist would feature Stained, metallica, Guns N Roses, Seal, George Straight, Zack Brown Band, Alabama, and Beethoven, many of my once favorite songs have had to drop off the list. If I want to listen to anything with moderate to restricted lyrics, it has to be away from my children now, with zero chance of them hearing it. So, goodbye Click Click Boom, and It’s Been A While (explicit lyrics), and hello… hannah montanna.. /twitch /twitch

The weird thing is, that the more I hear it, and other young disney channel musicians, the better I tolerate and slowly begin to like it. I actually pulled up a video clip of “hoedown throwdown” off the movie.. Once I realized just how bad that would look if spotted by a coworker, I immediately replaced my youtube screen with Welcome to the Jungle to begin to appear “normal” again. (Hush you, normal is a relative term, and even applies to me.)

I used to watch movies like The Matrix, Passenger 57, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Hunt for Red October and many others. Now, if it’s before 8pm It has to be something involving princesses, young pop stars, horses, little girls with magical powers (ok, I actually liked matilda before now, but not every blinking day..) or things with faery wings. Now, I understand that playing WOW for 5 years means I’m at least partly into the fantasy world much of the time, but we didn’t have any fairy wings…. (unless you count that one warlock raid set that I never got my lock up to wearing.) After 8pm, if I manage to stay up, I’m usually on the computer, not watching TV or movies. (I need to plan some movie nights with my wife, once the school term is done and she can sleep again…)

I will probably spend the next 13 years or so in this g/pg restricted movie mode, except when I can get away with adult friends and GO to the movies. (Last movie I saw in theater was Iron Man 2 if I recall, I took my wife’s little brother.) This extends even to the games I play. Running around mindlessly killing beasts, people, zombies, and demons don’t really set the right example for impressionable young girls. I haven’t even turned on my PS3 in weeks. I guess I’m alright with EVE, as you don’t actually “KILL” anyone, you just blow up spaceships, and find ways to make money.

There are days when I really crave “Adult” conversation, when I want to escape the rapid fire questions of a 6 year old. But don’t mistake me, I love my girls and wouldn’t trade my new life for anything. I wonder what things are in store for me in the years to come. As they grow, and they start trying to shock us with the new crop of edgy music and trying to watch movies for older groups than they are in because they are “mature” enough in their mind. Will our parental instincts to protect kick in, or will we quietly act shocked and enjoy watching them grow up? I know that long before I want it to be here, the youngest of my 4 will be at the point in her life that she won’t need me anymore, she will have someone else to protect her and care for her and I will have to accept that.. Granted all the prospective youngins that try to even glance at my little girls will need to be inspected, have background checks run, and be fitted with tracking collars before they can take my little girls out of the driveway. Ok, maybe I won’t be that protective… But, I guarantee that I will have the old rifle down with the cleaning kit, a few spent rounds,  and some “used” practice targets with tight groupings of holes right between the non-existent eyes of the silhouette.

I guess I’ll sign off with a very fitting youtube video.


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