First 5 Star Critter


Ok, it took me WAY too long to upgrade something to 5 stars I kept making 4 star critters and didn’t want to feed them to my bear. Finally, I said enough is enough, I can’t finish Faimon yet, I need a stronger tank. I need 5 stars. So, I now have a 5 star awakened water warbear. Did that a couple nights ago, and he’s up around lvl 20 so far. I have a moderately good team of water based monsters, but I keep getting thrashed on the second to last level of faimon. you face a 4 star unawakened light monster as the last battle. I’ve only got one dark monster so far, so i’m not able to really take advantage of elemental weaknesses.

A few more levels and my bear will be able to clear fiamon with one paw behind his back.

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