Footsteps on Mars – Prologue


Alright guys, I’ve decided to release the first bit of my book, I’d like opinions. Well, here goes…



The year was 2025, rising pollution and population levels meant one thing. We had exhausted mother Earth, it was time to go to the stars. We humans are a strange bunch, we are too often controlled by little bits of paper, innovations that could benefit all humankind are bought and stored away by people that don’t want to see those benefits cut into their private supply of little bits of paper. Wars are fought over natural resources, differing opinions of politics or what supreme being one chooses to believe in. However within the human heart also exists the capacity for greatness in the face of true struggles. When galvanized into action around a common cause the internal bickering drops off, and we become as strong as a colony of army ants cutting through the jungle.

The  crisis of 2025 brought humanity together like nothing has before. What caused the crisis? As offshore drilling went further and further in search of the last dregs of oil, we dug too deeply and accidentally woke something best left sleeping. Deep underground in a protected pocket of earth was the lost civilization of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis have not been seen since before the disaster that buried Pompeii, they had become myth and legend. Unfortunately myth and legend often have some basis in truth. The first warning anyone had of their return were strange sounds picked up by the sonar nets near the Laurentian Abyss, a place in the ocean roughly 4 miles deep. When a small man made island appeared on satellite photos a few hours later it was already too late to take action. Quebec City, and New York City were the first hit. Powerful energy weapons knocked out communications and sophisticated computer virii caused havoc among hardened defense networks. The confusion and disruptions extended from America to Europe to Australia, Africa and Asia as everyone on this planet is linked whether they like it or not. After the initial wave of damage, a powerful transmission originated from the floating island, it was a message to the leaders of the governments of the world with an ultimatum. The people of the Earth have 30 years to leave or be killed.

3 Responses to “Footsteps on Mars – Prologue”

  1. 1 anshgupta1234

    Nice one! Are you going to post just
    the prologue, or also chapters?

  2. i’m still writing the first real chapter, eventually I hope to publish it. you know.. in printed book form.

  3. 3 Arabella C Martin

    awesome can’t wait to read the rest. Good luck with it.

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