not my circus, not my monkeys!


How y’all are? it’s been an interesting couple weeks.

My book is progressing. I’m not ready to release any of it yet, it is still quite raw. however, I have a story to relate. I have changed jobs again, i’m now managing computers for a small company. I am the only guy in the department.. I am IT..

Today, I was up at work and had some minor successes, got several things off my list. My predecessor was not a very technical person coming from the music field instead of technical.. (don’t ask it’s better that way.) I had installed a tracking software for printed media, and the person in charge of maintaining the media had returned from vacation. 

I approached this person and started telling her about the new software, and asked when a good time would be to train her on the use of it. She informed me that she didn’t start THAT position till august, and that I needed to train the current person in that role. Essentially, if she’s not getting paid for that function she wasn’t going to expend a single brain cell on that information. 

ok.. today is 1/3 of the way through july, roughly 3 weeks to go. I have three options, I can A) train the current person, then later train the new person. B) Take the issue to her supervisor that had told me to train her in the first place. or C) Do nothing for 3 weeks, working on other projects that are nearly as pressing and train her when she feels like doing her bloody job.

Option A, I hate doing work twice, plus if person A starts the task and does it in a different way than person B, I will have to listen to person B gripe about how she would have done it differently, but now everything is all messed up and how am I (the IT guy) going to fix it?

Option B. I’m 2 weeks into the job, do I want to start internal squabbles this soon? I could do this with a clear conscience in that A) I tried to follow orders and train the appropriate person to do the job, and B) reported back my success and/or failure to the person I answer to. I just feel that it would be a very hollow victory as word would spread that I run to the bosses anytime things don’t work my way..

Option C. I would only do the work once, I would not ruffle any feathers, but the inventory of the printed media would be postponed for 3 weeks. And I DO have other pressing matters to attend to. A VOIP/PBX system that doesn’t want to do what I tell it. Antiquated computers that need to be refurbished and/or replaced. A constantly changing list of computers vs users requiring computers and I have a shortfall in one of those two areas. Intercoms, software licensing, and on and on..

I guess my problem with the situation is that if it were me inheriting the job of logging the media inventory, I WOULD want to be on it, and trained ASAP.

Oh well we all have our own sets of priorities.

To tie back in with the title, I’ve decided to go with option C, with the fallback of B if cornered and questioned by the boss. It’s not really my business to make everyone behave in a sane manner.. Therein lies insanity itself. So, my philosophy of the whole business is “that’s not my Circus, and those are not my monkeys.”

Holler back if you have anything to say.

One Response to “not my circus, not my monkeys!”

  1. 1 Michael

    I’m not sure if you did but you should have said to the one that was going to start in 3 weeks that the order to train her came from her supervisor and if she doesn’t want to be trained in it yet that’s a conversation she should have with her Supervisor. It’s not your job to hold that person accountable.

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