Goodbye my friend


I came back to WOW a few years ago during a stretch of time when I was very alone. I was working two jobs, and my evening job had a lot of downtime. So, I played a bit. I had left wow before the cataclysm, and returned at the end of the legion timeline. Naturally few people from the old days knew me and for that matter so much had changed, so I went to a new server and made a new character so I could re-learn the interface and start understanding the new mechanics. On a whim I rolled a horde demon hunter, and absolutely loved the character from the start. I did bring on a tauren druid, so i could have all the basic roles covered. Tank, Healer, and DPS.

I was exploring the new content as my DH and eventually guilded up with someone I ran a random group with. he was friendly. I had met a group of people I could finally hang with during the long lonely hours at work with nothing to do but watch metal rust. The leader was a guy I came to know as Storm, from his voice on chat he was an older guy, by the sound possibly retired 60ish. We talked a lot during the evening sessions and became friends. Not enough that we knew each other’s names and such, but still I considered him a friend.

Eventually the two job thing came to an end, and coincidentally my subscription was ending around the same time so I decided to take my leave as I had family commitments and wanted to make sure a game wouldn’t be a financial burden with my job situation changing. (I know, 15 a month, right? but when you are uncertain about the future you take care of the four walls first.) Storm was sad to see me leave, and created a new rank in the guild for people taking an extended leave, as a way to keep them around hoping they would come back someday.

Well. over this past summer, I did come back. I grabbed a game time card and put two months into my account to see what all had changed and start to experience the newest content. The riders were all happy to see me back, but storm was conspicuously absent. I found out when he finally did pop back in that he had been ill for a while. We played a bit together, I tanked some instance with him and things were great. I was in my virtual home again.

Then last week his absence was again noted, we later discovered that he was in a coma, and a couple days ago, found out that he had passed on. Wow will be a sadder place without him there. I know that he has left behind an adult son. To his son, I would say “Your dad was a warm and caring person. I will miss him a lot.”

My one wish for a new feature to wow would be a guild hall/house feature. If we had such a place to gather as a guild, we could have a hall of honor where virtual statues of our lost comrades could be placed, that their memories could live on.

The Mighty Stormrider

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