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Naxx is nice


I’m always hesitant going into a new dungeon for the first time. Will my gear be sufficient to handle the upcoming challenges, will the group know what to do? I’m sure y’all also have these same thoughts. Well, last night, we went into naxx again. (I was not in on the first night, where they […]

Life at 80


Well, it’s taken a bit of time adjusting to life at 80, I can now take my time and explore everything more slowly and thoroughly.  I’m finding that I enjoy this level cap much more than the last one. Now that the realm first acheivements have been awarded and people are settling in to enjoy […]

Ok, I enjoyed wintergrasp so much I figgured I would post a how to of what we did to win (on attack) yesterday. Step 1 (After your first time in you can skip this): Find an enemy or 2 and kill them, do this so you are recognised as a soldier of rank and can […]

I know, it’s been 4 days, where have I been? Well, over the Thanksgiving holiday, with little interruption from that annoying job thing.. I managed to bring Katt all the way up to 80. I did it all by questing, tho I’m still not done with Shaolazar Basin, or Zul’Drak. Grizzly hills was fun, especially […]