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How y’all are? it’s been an interesting couple weeks. My book is progressing. I’m not ready to release any of it yet, it is still quite raw. however, I have a story to relate. I have changed jobs again, i’m now managing computers for a small company. I am the only guy in the department.. […]

So, I played around with Tirillia my warlock last night, I killed an hour or so that I should have spent studying, cleaning, or sleeping. But, I was puttering around in felwood, at lvl 49 toying with the deadwood tribe a bit. I would like to make it safe to travel, that I can finally […]

I’m not talking about DPS that can’t control their agro, I mean DPS that try to control the speed of the run. I mentioned an annoying mage in a previous post, and was just reading Pugging Pally who had a similar problem. I’ll keep this short guys, LET THE BLOODY TANK PULL. I told that […]

I don’t know about anyone else, but WTF happened to all of the healers? It’s all but impossible to beg/borrow/steal one anymore for a run. Even in guilds you see 10 million DK’s but not a single resto/holy anything running around. I understand it’s difficult to level as one.. but.. come on now, twice one […]

We have all been there, you have that /facepalm moment when you just want to tell someone to RTFM. I’ve run with a few good hunters, also a few not so good. One hunter I know, is a great guy, loyal as a great dane and just as clumsy, will do exactly what you tell […]