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Well, as you can probably see, I haven’t posted an addon pack review yet. I may have spent 15 minutes in game since I posted that goal so I don’t have any first hand material just yet. The pack of pickled peppers that peter piper picked, err.. sorry about that… the addon pack I selected […]

We often read about instances in WOW (and other games) of major asshattery thanks to the annonymity of the internet. Tonight, I witnessed some of the worst behavior of a real life flesh and blood person in a restaurant we were eating at. The last few nights, I’ve been staying in a hotel to help […]

I was perusing (reading) the daily druid when it mentioned an updated kitty dps page on wowwiki. I slid on over to see what it had to say, a graphic on the page almost made me fall out of my chair laughing. CATDPS (wish i knew who drew this, so i could give them credit.) […]

Here we are in another Texas February. Which until today was fairly normal weather for this part of the state and time of year. 30-50 degrees during the day, occasional light rain, occasional bright sunny warm days that fool the flora and fauna into thinking spring has already come. Then, WHAM. DFW gets buried in 6 inches of […]

UI addons


I figgured it was time to drop a listing of what ui addons i like, what I would like to find/develop, and what I don’t like about the standard interface. I putter around with a ton of various add-ons for different situations. Some are restricted to just one class or focus of a class, some are wide […]