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So, last time I was telling you about the water warbear, since my last post I have improved him a lot, he is Awakened, and up to 4star level 30. The self rez every 8 (i’ve upgraded to 7) turns can be a life saver in some fights. My stable of 4 star monsters is […]

So, I’ve been watching videos about the changes to minecraft with the 1.11 update. I’m very interested in this observer block. It seems to be a rather powerful little guy. I’m quite excited to begin experimenting with it. Zero delay transmission will be a game changer. For those of you that haven’t heard about it, […]

Well, thanks to the recommendation of BBB, I picked up Summoner’s War on my iPhone. I took to it immediately, it’s easy enough to start playing, with a good tutorial. Also there is enough posted content from everyone and his bear who can give information to get you going. So far, I have a handful […]