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Was poking around on my dashboard and saw that a frequent hit on my site is an old post (circa 2008) on How boomkins work. I think it be time to update that info. Katt in boomkin form has been dormant a while, allowing me to focus on learning feral tanking. Both gear sets (feral […]

So, I got home saturday and decided to relax a bit after my big test. I logged in and did a quick little heroic, then found myself in a naxx10 pug. I told them I can dps in moonkin or feral cat, or I can tank in bear. use me as you need me. I […]

Was puttering about on facebook and discovered this page.. I was instantly of two minds on this, when I first saw the movie Eragon, I liked it.. That was before I read the book. Since then, I have read Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger and thoroughly enjoyed reading all three. I can’t wait for the author to finally […]

Was reading the spugnort newsletter and saw this little jewel. To the gamer guys out there, some words of caution… If you are going to the store for cigarettes/beer/whatever… logout. If something like this happens to you, there are better ways of dealing with your anger. Pay attention to your d@#% girlfriend. Having 4 lvl […]

So, I played around with Tirillia my warlock last night, I killed an hour or so that I should have spent studying, cleaning, or sleeping. But, I was puttering around in felwood, at lvl 49 toying with the deadwood tribe a bit. I would like to make it safe to travel, that I can finally […]

Ok guys, this is experimental data to the extreme. But while BBB is drooling over the NomNomNom talent, I’m ready to preen my feathers a bit looking at the balance tree. Looking at the talent tree for a moment, this is my initial thoughts on a raiding boomkin build. Point 1. Solar Beam (3rd tier) […]

In my opinion, one of the coolest questlines of vanilla wow was the one starting in ungoro centered on the amnesiatic gnome called linken. Back in the day, Brusaoiri was the first of my toons to do the quest, and he still has linken’s sword and boomerang in his bank. The boomerang was a great […]

Back before the alliance took the war to northrend, Kattrinsaa was happiest flying around outland picking herbs to make potions and elixirs. One day word of a recently opened place caught her long ears. This was an area where events replayed constantly, and judging by the name was an herbalists paradise. Poor katt scoured tanaris […]

Like many a young elven hunter, I spent my youth in the giant tree island we all know and love. I could have my pick of virtually any critter to accompany me. Most of my life I had an owl at my side despite other people’s dislike of his constant screeching. My fondest memory tho […]

Well, today is the last day of school in my area, my kids are all set to stay at home 24/7 and drive both of us insane till the next term starts. I think many of us are currently in the pre-expansion blahs. Just not stoked about going out to get new gear that will […]