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Ok, solo play can be really fun, you can mess around with your abilities and see what will and won’t work against this critter or that. But, If your guild can get to the point where it can start raiding, whole new worlds open up to you. To be a successful raider, you have to […]

I must say that Icecrown is probably the most dynamic zone I have encountered yet. You really get a feeling of accomplishment as you unlock each little subzone and open up new quest hubs and flight points. The amount of lore packed into this zone is incredible as well. This is a zone well worth […]

I don’t know about anyone else, but WTF happened to all of the healers? It’s all but impossible to beg/borrow/steal one anymore for a run. Even in guilds you see 10 million DK’s but not a single resto/holy anything running around. I understand it’s difficult to level as one.. but.. come on now, twice one […]

Hello my name is ____ and i’m an altohaulic. I know there are more of us out there. Just can’t resist starting that new alt for whatever reason. Currently on my main server, (yes, I have toons on more than one server) I am maxed out at 10 characters. My main toon is my boomer […]