Summoners War How I started


Well, thanks to the recommendation of BBB, I picked up Summoner’s War on my iPhone. I took to it immediately, it’s easy enough to start playing, with a good tutorial. Also there is enough posted content from everyone and his bear who can give information to get you going.

So far, I have a handful of 4star critters including the water warbear which is the only one i’ve managed to awaken so far. This bear is a hang of a good tank even at 4 star awakened lvl 15. I’m using him to farm up some one star food (two trees and a slime at the moment) in the hard area of the forest.

His runes are as follows.
1> +6 Tenacious Energy Rune (3 star) Atk +37, Hp +2%, Accuracy +6%, Atk +4%
2> +6 Fatal Rune (2 star) HP +8%, Spd +1, Def +3%
3> +6 Fatal Rune (1 star) Def +21, Cri Rate +1%, Spd +1
4> +7 Fatal Rune (2 star) Def +33, Def +2%, HP +1%
5> +6 Cruel Fatal Rune (1 star) HP +310, Cri Dmg +1%, ATK +1%, Cri Rate + 1%
6> +6 Energy Rune (3 star) HP + 16%, Atk +6, Atk +2%

I am getting the fatal 4 pc bonus ATK +35%
and the energy 2pc bonus HP +15%

I know the runes are not the greatest, i’m still working on them, but after all is said and done, i’m rocking 7k HP, a bit over 280 Atk, 310 Def, 15% resistance. totally not bad for early in the game.

My other 4 stars include the Water Magic knight, a Light Garuda, and a water fairy. My next monster to upgrade from 3 to 4 stars will be either a wind werewolf or wind drunken master

What do y’all think, which one should I work on getting to 4 star next? Post a comment below.

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