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So, I was busy last night doing homework, taking care of kids, ect. eventually everything went quiet. The wife was on the couch doing her homework and watching DIY (kitchen and bathroom remodeling shows for those of you with your mind in the gutter) Well, I decided to poke my nose into wow and see […]

I was poking around and thought I would toss out my recycled post in the hopes that it got a few page views. So, here ya go.. from 1/22/2010 For many years before playing wow, I dabbled in old fashioned MUD’s. (Multi User Domain/Dungeon for you youngsters that don’t know) I had two favorites, both […]

Having spent the last few years in the IT service/support sector, i’m ready for a change of pace. I’ve enrolled into a alternate certification program to get my teaching cert. It is a great way to get into teaching if you already have a degree and can’t quit your job to go to school. Wish […]

Dont get me wrong, I like my guild (the people in it rather.) But, the other day we had the most rotten luck. We were trying to gear up a new spacegoat shaman healer. and drew heroic halls of stone. (for reference the healer gearscore was roughly 2200) mostly quest blues/greens a rather nice mixture […]

So, was taking a break from wow, as in I couldn’t be involved in an unpausable game for any length of time. So over the last few days I have been playing around with Titan Quest : Immortal Throne via Steam. I found a character class I like, the Oracle. Which is a hybrid between […]

While I despise healing personally, (as in my character doing the healing for the whinybabies in pugs that need to learn how to play their classes.) I liked treeform during my short incarceration.. er.. foray into healing for my old guild. One of my best friends (in wow) is a tree healer that has been […]

I just left a post over on my non-wow site that I find just plain odd/amazing/creepy/cool/disturbing all at the same time. it’s a couple minute clip from some 1940’s TV probably the ed sullivan show , (safe for small viewers) give it a look.

Ok, I admit it.. I changed my mind.. Previously, I took the stand that I don’t want to hear all of the various upcoming changes concerning cataclysm.. well.. I was wrong. In addition to following the illustrious Big Bear Butt Blogger, I subscribe to OutDPS! because I enjoy the call to auction podcast that euripides […]

Ok guys, we all know that cataclysm will be coming out before the end of the year, and with it.. Cataclysmic changes to the way the game works. (couldn’t resist) but until we have definite information (ie. the patch notes for the 4.0 pre-expansion test realm release) the little snippets here and there get really […]

In an attempt to keep my wow blogging separate from my other random musings, I have created a new blog. Should you wish, you can find my non-wow absurdity at