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I’m sure i’ve missed some of the quests in dragonblight, I haven’t gotten the acheivement yet, but.. I completed the main questline ending at that little outpost in the northeast corner. For those of you that haven’t done this yet, I won’t give any spoilers. But, apart from quest rewards and gold, the experience is […]



This is quickly turning into a blog of the stupid things I do.. but then, if we can’t laugh at ourselves.. Everyone but us will be laughing anyway. This particular /facepalm was while grouped up with some excellent friends of mine. I had wandered off from Wintergarde Keep to weaken and kill an elite for […]

Ok, Katt is only up to 75 now, but I did some digging anyway and I found a list of Pre NAXX gear that is supposed to be moderately easy to acquire. head: [The Argent Skullcap] neck: [Choker of Binding] shoulders: [Frostsavage Shoulders] cape: [Dark Soldier Cape] chest: [Drakewing Raiments] bracers [Azure Cloth Bindings] gloves: […]

A long while ago, when I first was starting the game. I was a nooblet, as were we all. (Tho some of us try to forget that.) I had not previously gotten into any MMORPG’s unless you count in text MUD’s where the focus was on role playing instead of /roll playing. A friend and […]

We have all been there, you have that /facepalm moment when you just want to tell someone to RTFM. I’ve run with a few good hunters, also a few not so good. One hunter I know, is a great guy, loyal as a great dane and just as clumsy, will do exactly what you tell […]

How Y’all are? (yes, I’m from Texas) Now that you know a bit about who Katt is and where she is in the game. Lets talk about what she is. There are many types of druids, our talent trees provide a wide array of customization to tailor our character to fit our play style. (This […]