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I’m sure i’ve missed some of the quests in dragonblight, I haven’t gotten the acheivement yet, but.. I completed the main questline ending at that little outpost in the northeast corner. For those of you that haven’t done this yet, I won’t give any spoilers. But, apart from quest rewards and gold, the experience is […]



This is quickly turning into a blog of the stupid things I do.. but then, if we can’t laugh at ourselves.. Everyone but us will be laughing anyway. This particular /facepalm was while grouped up with some excellent friends of mine. I had wandered off from Wintergarde Keep to weaken and kill an elite for […]

Ok, Katt is only up to 75 now, but I did some digging anyway and I found a list of Pre NAXX gear that is supposed to be moderately easy to acquire. head: [The Argent Skullcap] neck: [Choker of Binding] shoulders: [Frostsavage Shoulders] cape: [Dark Soldier Cape] chest: [Drakewing Raiments] bracers [Azure Cloth Bindings] gloves: […]

A long while ago, when I first was starting the game. I was a nooblet, as were we all. (Tho some of us try to forget that.) I had not previously gotten into any MMORPG’s unless you count in text MUD’s where the focus was on role playing instead of /roll playing. A friend and […]

We have all been there, you have that /facepalm moment when you just want to tell someone to RTFM. I’ve run with a few good hunters, also a few not so good. One hunter I know, is a great guy, loyal as a great dane and just as clumsy, will do exactly what you tell […]

How Y’all are? (yes, I’m from Texas) Now that you know a bit about who Katt is and where she is in the game. Lets talk about what she is. There are many types of druids, our talent trees provide a wide array of customization to tailor our character to fit our play style. (This […]

When I first stepped off the boat into Howling Fjord I was at first amazed by the incredible scenery blizzard had given us. Proceeded to locate all the important people in the new town. Flight master, the bartender, the innkeeper, then all the profession trainers. (Katt is an alchemist and herbalist) Then with all the […]

Like many young druids Kattrinsaa of Kul-Tiras started out life learning about the ways of the bear, the cat, the angy sea lion, and finally the cheetah. That knowledge and information gleaned from internet sources far beyond the great tree island led to a feral dps of moderate skill. As time wore on, the cat […]