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3.3.3 is live


Just tried wow at lunchtime, and the updater kicked in, depending on the kiddos i might get a shot at playing 3.3.3 tonight for a little bit. but most likely not… I posted a little while back some of the druidic changes that 3.3.3 has in store for us, you can see that post here. […]



gonna take a week or so off, we are heading up to one of those pancake flat states to pickup my daughter, I get her for spring break. I get so little time with her that I want to make the most of what I do get. so.. no WOW. and if there’s no wow, […]

Get a rope


There are days where you feel like going back to the old west, where the law was clear, and more often was decided when someone said “draw” than when a jury said guilty. Last night, I hopped on after doing a bunch of work around the house, and discovered that Sarth was the weekly. That […]

a non-fail pug


So, been playing around with my new computer, really enjoying having 60 fps in dalaran instead of 2.. that 1gb video card does make a difference. I finally installed a game i bought a couple years ago, but couldn’t play on my old system, UFO:Afterlight. I have long been a fan of the XCOM turn […]

There are times when we gamers do things to ourselves that any normal person would shake their head and walk away at.. This is my little moment… Feb 1st, I ordered a new computer from Dell so that I could give my old HP some much needed rest, it’s ancient in computer terms. P4 2ghz […]

Was listening to the Call to Auction podcast, and heard something interesting concerning frost lotus drop rates, being a herb/alch(elixir master) this caught my attention.. So thought i would poke around and see what the notes had to say. So, perusing the patch notes, this little gem showed up and it makes my inner kitty/bear […]

I was glancing over an old post of mine, and thought it should be updated a hair.. a lot has changed in a year, and I would be remiss to leave bad information lying around without comment. I now feel confident that 1-20 should be levelled in caster form, dropping into bear only when […]

Came home to a couple little ones sick last night, so my wow time was suspended. I did manage to get in before bed and transmute a gem bringing my total of required transmutes to 5 so that I could go learn the cardinal ruby recipe. On my server, the blue quality ruby that you […]