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Today friends is a happy day, My lovely wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl. It will be many moons before she is ready to take up arms in azeroth with me, but till then, y’all fight the good fight.

Yay a new holiday, centered around eating food.. gotta love it. It’s a great chance for the lazy among us to finally get that cooking skill up to 300+… I went from about 180 to 300 in mere minutes last night, now i’m ready to tackle outland foods and eventually northrend foods/feasts. A quick run […]

Have you ever had that one more quest and i’m done moment? Yesterday, I was logging in my characters to collect the whelpling pet from the 5th anniversary. It’s very cute, but logging in that many characters to pick up one piece of mail is annoying. After finishing that task I thought I would spend […]

Home at last


After the drama surrounding the implosion of my last guild, I’m happy to say that Katt and company have a new guild home. Some friends that were also left adrift from the implosion formed up a guild and are bent on having fun.. novel concept for a game.. If we can raid we might, but […]

Well folks the Raid for the cure event was great, I know at one point it was commented that there were over 100 people in the chat channel on the alliance side. I have some screenshots to share with y’all. see below.

I have been a contributing member of 3 guilds on my server, I accepted control of one and ran it for a while. I joined another to experience raiding. I moved to another raiding guild after some bad experiences made me leave the second. My first guild was and it was a great group of […]

For any of my readers that aren’t already fans of the BBBB, this coming Saturday is the Raid for the cure event to be held at 2pm server time on the Kael’Thas server. I do hope anyone that can will attend, this is a worthy cause. For more information please see the original bearwall at […]