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Kattrinsaa, Brusaoiri, Dynial, Lemil, and all the others will be taking a semi-permanent nap. I have decided to cancel my subscription to the game for the time being. I do plan to still write for the blog (tho as of late I haven’t been inspired to write totally in character), and keep current on the […]

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My technophobe strikes again. This morning he calls in and has “lost” all of his sent mail for today. I look around for about 30 seconds checking to see if he had dragged to a nearby folder or something, then I check deleted items, and I channel my inner gomer pyle again. There are about […]

When you work in IT long enough, you will collect user stories that you can’t help but relate. This happened about 10 minutes ago. I’ve just now stopped laughing enough to write it…. In every company there is at least one technophobe that believes electronic devices are conspiring against them. This is JD’s story. (Name […]

(note: this started out as a comment on his post, but once it got past 500 words, decided to move it to my own page) “You may be my friends, you may be people that have been visiting only once or have been here for years commenting frequently and becoming folks near and dear to […]

My normal mornings go something like this 0530 – alarm goes off and i slap it to shut it up 0545 to 0600 – somewhere in here i finally can string coherent syllables together to make words. If i’m lucky, I’ve already gotten in the shower and usually will be finishing up. 0600 to 0630 – sneak […]

it was safe to come back to the blogosphere. I have a new post. It feels like ages since i last dropped in to say hello, absolutely nothing has been going on, so I haven’t had any game related material to write about. I’ve been catching the occasional blurbs from Grimmtooth, BRK, BBB and Pike. […]