Just when you thought.


it was safe to come back to the blogosphere. I have a new post.

It feels like ages since i last dropped in to say hello, absolutely nothing has been going on, so I haven’t had any game related material to write about. I’ve been catching the occasional blurbs from Grimmtooth, BRK, BBB and Pike. But the muses have been off elsewhere leaving me to shift for myself.

I have been playing around with Katt 4.0, (1.0 is on Kul-Tiras, 2.0 was on BBB’s Server, 3.0 on Pike’s server, 4.0 is on Argent Dawn where I got to join in with the Single Abstract Noun folks.)

Katt is doing good so far, she’s still early on in her career, and for some reason has a hard time blending in with the spacegoats on bloodmyst isle.. it must be the ears, or lack of hooves.

I did have one interesting run lately, which promptly led to respecing to full balance with my whole 9 talent points…

I had been loading the feral tree planning on doing a wee bit of tanking right out of the gate at 15. and i did manage RFC (had no swipe but managed anyway) the groups held back and managed their agro.. mostly.

The other night, I pulled Wailing Caverns. which is  a horrible random.. at lvl 17, I was the lowest of the group, ranging up to a mid run ding to 21. luckily, we had a warrior at 19 who COULD  have taken over tanking and did for a time, till he quit because we wouldn’t boot him. But… Seriously, at these levels the tanks just don’t have their stuff together yet. I actually had to ask the group to hold up and let me at least hit the things a few times before they would unload. (i’m talking to you mage, and hunter.. you know who you are)

the group ended up dissolving due to it’s inadequacies, the warrior left after only one boss and the turtle.. and needed on everything that popped up. I might see about getting one of my new SAN guildies to run me through there a few times for the caster leather that drops (or deadmines for the defias stuff so i have feral gear when i get kitty at 20).. then again, i’ll be out of that into better stuff in no time.

In other news, I’m really starting to get the hang of EVE online, I like that there’s no requirement to buy the program or any of the upgrade/expansions.. ever.. and some of my RL friends play it and we get together like old times in college.

For those of you not familiar with EVE, it is a space based MMORPG where your character is actually whichever ship you decide to leave the station in. You can do pretty much anything you want from mining, to exploring, to trading on the markets,  to outright high seas.. er deep space piracy. That said, the game has a steep learning curve. And you script kiddies out there might as well look elsewhere, it’s not moddable like WOW, and you have to actually Read The (f)Blinking Mission to figure out what to do.. there is no giant green arrow telling you what way to go. Therefore, the player base in general is a lot less jittery and trigger happy, and doesn’t sharply increase at 330 pm monday-friday..

I’m still undecided if i’m going to subscribe to EVE or not. I know that I won’t have the time for WOW and EVE.. one will have to go.. my friend gave me a 21day free trial, so i have a few more days to decide..

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    EVE! EVE! EVE!

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