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So, last time I was telling you about the water warbear, since my last post I have improved him a lot, he is Awakened, and up to 4star level 30. The self rez every 8 (i’ve upgraded to 7) turns can be a life saver in some fights. My stable of 4 star monsters is […]

It has been quite some time since I attempted to write on my pages, the whole site needs an update. I probably need a good slap for letting it go so long. But, as the saying goes… Life happened.

So, red dragon made her first trip to Canada last night. First impression of the place, it`s bloody cold. I`m wishing red dragon had fire breath powers or something to warm up with. The initial mission is interesting. I got through to the boss battle then had to crash for the night. At least it […]

So in recent months I have toyed with various games since leaving wow and eve. My current projects include star trek online, lord of the rings online, and now champions online. All three are free to play games that have premium items purchasable from an in game micro transaction store. For the most part I […]

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Twas the night before Tuesday and all through the house. All the kids were in bed and so was the spouse. The late winter weather had me in my sweats. While we made plans to take the dogs to the vets. Not tired at all I was feeling fine. So I guess I’ll go play […]

To any old friends reading, hi, missed you guys.  To any new friends, Welcome! I used to play WOW as a Moonkin druid named Katt. I have not picked that back up, but I have been dabbling in LOTRO and STO since both games are free to play. I enjoy both games and can happily […]

I’ve begun to notice a trend, you parents out there may recognize the effects. I was a funloving person, I enjoyed music of all kinds, movies of all kinds (well almost, those of you that know me, know what kind of movies I don’t like…) I liked to be spontaneous, do what I want, when and how […]

I’m in flight on a red dragon hovering over what appears to be a collection of huts behind a large wall. Archers are shooting at me, a strange flying machine approaches and a huge, burly, green skinned monster shakes his fist at me. I hear a coarse, very broken, and heavily accented voice say “Leave […]

Kattrinsaa, Brusaoiri, Dynial, Lemil, and all the others will be taking a semi-permanent nap. I have decided to cancel my subscription to the game for the time being. I do plan to still write for the blog (tho as of late I haven’t been inspired to write totally in character), and keep current on the […]

(note: this started out as a comment on his post, but once it got past 500 words, decided to move it to my own page) “You may be my friends, you may be people that have been visiting only once or have been here for years commenting frequently and becoming folks near and dear to […]