From the Tech Files


When you work in IT long enough, you will collect user stories that you can’t help but relate.

This happened about 10 minutes ago. I’ve just now stopped laughing enough to write it….

In every company there is at least one technophobe that believes electronic devices are conspiring against them. This is JD’s story. (Name changed to protect the guilty.)

I got a call from our resident technophobe saying that his outlook is either lying to him, or he’s missing some emails. For those of you that don’t have to use outlook daily, it displays the number of unread messages beside the folder name. According to the user, there should have been 35 new messages, but only 12 were showing up on his screen. I login to my remote access software and take control of his system. I see his inbox showing 35 unread messages, but there are only 12 on the screen, I also notice the inbox is sorted by date, and the line is collapsed for yesterday.

So while talking to him I casually mouse over and click the collapsed segment and (mentally in my best gomer pyle) Surprise surprise surprise! There are the rest of his messages. He mumbles a quiet sheepish “thank you” and disconnects quickly.

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