Good Night, and Good Luck


Kattrinsaa, Brusaoiri, Dynial, Lemil, and all the others will be taking a semi-permanent nap. I have decided to cancel my subscription to the game for the time being. I do plan to still write for the blog (tho as of late I haven’t been inspired to write totally in character), and keep current on the changes of the game, and may wake them up from time to time with a game time card. As such, I won’t be getting the expansion or covering any of the in-game events, but better writers are sure to have that covered.

Over the last year, I have had less and less time to spend on the game, electing instead to focus on my family. The enjoyment of the game has been less as well. Knowing that I should be doing other things and was letting them slide for the sake of purple pixels really started to bother me. Not at all interested in PVP, that leaves only PVE for me to do, and not having the time to raid relegates me to leveling alts/tradeskills and running heroics. Frankly, I’m SOOOO Burned out on Occulus, Halls of Lightning and halls of Stone.

I will miss the game, and my many friends in it. I have given much of my spare time for the last 5 years to the game both playing and writing. In any event, here is a short poem for the occasion.

A new adventure starting,
Filled with sun, sea and sand,
I’d like to wish you luck,
As your horizons now expand,
Its time to say Adios,
Although I’d really rather say,
Ver usted de nuevo
Cos we’ll meet again someday

One Response to “Good Night, and Good Luck”

  1. 1 BBB

    God bless you, Katt, and keep you as your sails begin to fill, the wind may blow you any which way, but your friends will love you still. Take heart as you set out today to follow whereever it leads, and remember we’ve all got your back as you create stories for us to read!

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