I am so not a morning person.


My normal mornings go something like this

0530 – alarm goes off and i slap it to shut it up

0545 to 0600 – somewhere in here i finally can string coherent syllables together to make words. If i’m lucky, I’ve already gotten in the shower and usually will be finishing up.

0600 to 0630 – sneak quietly past the children and spouse to the computer, I like my quiet time in the mornings, great for quiet reflection.. (in my terms blowing stuff up wearing headphones)

0630 to 0730 – on a quiet day, i can continue… reflecting. but sometime in this hour the baby will usually wake up, or I have to wake up the children needing to go to school.

0730 to 0745 – run around like headless chicken looking for my clothes, eating breakfast and whatever else i have to do. and Then leave for work.

This morning, I changed things up a bit, I kickstarted the computer when i got out of the shower and found I couldn’t get logged into EVE. I went and ate giving them time to finish the patch installation downtime. It was still down when i finished so i logged into katt 4.0 and quested for a while. when I made it to work, I eventually realized that I had put on two different style black work shoes.  I didn’t want to wander around work today wearing mismatched shoes. then I found out we have an auditor coming today, and I had worn jeans.. The boss tells me to go change clothes, and I am grateful.. I get a chance to change my shoes at the same time. Yeah… I just love mornings..

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