Minecraft 1.11 news


So, I’ve been watching videos about the changes to minecraft with the 1.11 update.

I’m very interested in this observer block. It seems to be a rather powerful little guy. I’m quite excited to begin experimenting with it. Zero delay transmission will be a game changer. For those of you that haven’t heard about it, the intent of the block is to detect block updates and pass along a 1 tick, signal strength 1 pulse from the output. Here is the WIKI link. Redstone builders will find this block very useful in compacting circuits, and in transmitting redstone power vertically without the delay of a torch tower.

Some of the contraptions i’ve seen demonstrated are very ingenious, 1wx3d elevators of whatever height you want. (so far only seen them going up. For down, just aim for a slimebl0ck/water drop) Horizontal people/mob/item movers, very fast item elevators, extremely compact adjustable (1-4 tick) clock circuits.

Here are a few video links


Waffles – INSTANT ITEM TRANSPORTATION (Using observer blocks) – Minecraft 1.11 Inventions

Mumbo Jumbo – 5 SIMPLE Redstone Builds for Minecraft 1.11!

The other big change on 1.11 is the Shulker Box. Which appears to be a storage container that can be stored inside a chest or your inventory, and has similar capacity to a small chest. According to Mumbo Jumbo’s video (linked below) one double chest full of shulker boxes full of items contains up to 101,952 items which is an insane amount of storage in one double chest.

Mumbo Jumbo – How To Build Auto Shulker Box Storage in Minecraft 1.11!

It just occurred to me, that an enterprising person could setup a shop selling prefab kits, say for x diamonds, you get one shulker box containing everything you need to start a small homestead, (wood, cobble, seeds, iron for tools and buckets, torches, wool, etc.)

Can’t wait to see how it plays out.


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