Summoner’s War – The Water Warbear has Grown


So, last time I was telling you about the water warbear, since my last post I have improved him a lot, he is Awakened, and up to 4star level 30. The self rez every 8 (i’ve upgraded to 7) turns can be a life saver in some fights.

My stable of 4 star monsters is up to 6, with two of them awakened, the Water fairy Elucia is rubbing the sleep from her eyes. I have also awakened a 3 star fire hellhound (Sieq). My other 4 stars are the Wind drunken master, wind werewolf, light garuda, and water magic knight. (those last two are maxed out at lvl 30 till I can farm enough food for them.

I’m starting to switch gears to farming food monsters, i’ve unlocked faimon volcano, but haven’t explored it yet. My party is still a bit on the weak side.

There is no elemental dungeon open today, so i’ll work on magic essences and farming up some food for my 3 stars to make 4, so hopefully I can get a 4 to a 5 soon. I’m thinking the water bear gets the honor of being the first 5 for me.

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