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How y’all are? it’s been an interesting couple weeks. My book is progressing. I’m not ready to release any of it yet, it is still quite raw. however, I have a story to relate. I have changed jobs again, i’m now managing computers for a small company. I am the only guy in the department.. […]

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My technophobe strikes again. This morning he calls in and has “lost” all of his sent mail for today. I look around for about 30 seconds checking to see if he had dragged to a nearby folder or something, then I check deleted items, and I channel my inner gomer pyle again. There are about […]

When you work in IT long enough, you will collect user stories that you can’t help but relate. This happened about 10 minutes ago. I’ve just now stopped laughing enough to write it…. In every company there is at least one technophobe that believes electronic devices are conspiring against them. This is JD’s story. (Name […]