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Alright guys, I’ve decided to release the first bit of my book, I’d like opinions. Well, here goes…   Prologue: The year was 2025, rising pollution and population levels meant one thing. We had exhausted mother Earth, it was time to go to the stars. We humans are a strange bunch, we are too often […]

New project


I have decided to begin writing a book. So far I have the title and 11 chapter names. Now to fill the chapters in.. I may post the first chapter here, once I get it done, so y’all can let me know what you think. Posted from WordPress for Android

Like many a young elven hunter, I spent my youth in the giant tree island we all know and love. I could have my pick of virtually any critter to accompany me. Most of my life I had an owl at my side despite other people’s dislike of his constant screeching. My fondest memory tho […]