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I must say that Icecrown is probably the most dynamic zone I have encountered yet. You really get a feeling of accomplishment as you unlock each little subzone and open up new quest hubs and flight points. The amount of lore packed into this zone is incredible as well. This is a zone well worth […]

Ok, I enjoyed wintergrasp so much I figgured I would post a how to of what we did to win (on attack) yesterday. Step 1 (After your first time in you can skip this): Find an enemy or 2 and kill them, do this so you are recognised as a soldier of rank and can […]

Ok, Katt is only up to 75 now, but I did some digging anyway and I found a list of Pre NAXX gear that is supposed to be moderately easy to acquire. head: [The Argent Skullcap] neck: [Choker of Binding] shoulders: [Frostsavage Shoulders] cape: [Dark Soldier Cape] chest: [Drakewing Raiments] bracers [Azure Cloth Bindings] gloves: […]

How Y’all are? (yes, I’m from Texas) Now that you know a bit about who Katt is and where she is in the game. Lets talk about what she is. There are many types of druids, our talent trees provide a wide array of customization to tailor our character to fit our play style. (This […]