Tales from the deep


I’m in flight on a red dragon hovering over what appears to be a collection of huts behind a large wall. Archers are shooting at me, a strange flying machine approaches and a huge, burly, green skinned monster shakes his fist at me. I hear a coarse, very broken, and heavily accented voice say “Leave now, your kind no welcome here.”

This monster pulls a huge sword from a hidden compartment and starts to fly toward me. I urge my dragon into motion as the monster behind me appears to be forming a ball of fire in his hand. He hurls the ball of fire toward me.

<bang> <ouch>

I wake up in my bunk, I’m back in my Caracal missile boat, and now I have a splitting headache from banging my head on the bulkhead above me. I gotta lay off the late night pizzas. Hm, Good thing I awoke too, sensors are detecting what could be a wormhole in this sector of space.

One Response to “Tales from the deep”

  1. For the curious, yes, I have been thinking bout wow a lot lately. with the 4.x patch out and expansion coming soon. Then I think about how I don’t have to pay for expansions with my other game, and that if I make enough in game money, I can buy in game game time cards with in game money making the game only cost me time… And, I think about the fact that I will start teaching soon. (unpaid for a semester which is a major bummer…) It is just not worth it to return just now..

    I can’t wait to hear about all the crazy good stuff with the expansion, I miss you guys.

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