How Boomkins work redux


Was poking around on my dashboard and saw that a frequent hit on my site is an old post (circa 2008) on How boomkins work.

I think it be time to update that info.

Katt in boomkin form has been dormant a while, allowing me to focus on learning feral tanking. Both gear sets (feral and boom) are solid bits of gear, could be improved, but solid nonetheless. (approx 4100-4500 GS for those of you who care about such things)

From my original post, many things have stayed the same, your important stats as a boomkin are hit rating, spellpower, crit strike, and haste. Stamina and intelligence don’t hurt either… Armor is not a critical stat for you, you are a DPS caster afterall, essentially a fat feathered mage.

Your key spells are Hurricane (AOE), Starfire, moonfire, and wrath. Other notables are Starfall (fire and forget Huge radius AOE), typhoon (cone attack, has a knockback that can be removed via glyph), and your treants. (I’ve always wanted to see a 5v5 all boomkin team pop their trees simultaneously.. talk about not seeing the forest for the trees)

**** Cataclysm note – in the upcoming expansion, we will have a ranged trap/explosive mushroom that appears to be a trained spell, with talent improvements.  Additionally the eclipse mechanic will be different post expansion

Speaking of eclipse, currently we have this nice little talent called… eclipse. This little gem is currently a random proc when casting either wrath or starfire. when it procs, it buffs the opposite spell for a time period.

I don’t still believe that it’s viable to be a boomkin tank, unless you swap from boomkin to feral tank spec during your dungeon run. (i do this frequently, and it reminds me of something i’ll relate in another post.)

For gems/enchants, i go back to the stat priority, hit, spellpower, haste and then crit. the key points to know when to stop a particular stat growth, is dependant on talents and the group you are with.

for Hit, if there is a spacegoat nearby, there’s 1% less hit you need, balance of power (talent) 4%, and faery fire 3% .

You are aiming for about 400 haste, there is a “soft cap” where haste has little to no additional benefit, that’s when it’s effect would speed your wrath cast to faster than the global cool down. the only benefit you would get would be to speed up the cast time on starfire.

Talent wise, if you run into mana regen trouble, there are 3 talents that will improve your mana regen at the cost of pure dps talents.

Intensity > Dreamstate > Moonglow.

You don’t have to really stack int or spirit, enough of that comes on your gear, so enchants/gems that provide them are actually a waste of something else good you could put there. That said, a poor enchant/gem that provides some benefit is better than none.

Do not be afraid to wear cloth gear, you ARE a DPS Caster afterall. Theitemization for caster druids is better than it once was, so you can find good caster leather.

I’ve run out of random thoughts so i’ll sign off..

Later guys.

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