what the shift just happened?


So, I got home saturday and decided to relax a bit after my big test. I logged in and did a quick little heroic, then found myself in a naxx10 pug. I told them I can dps in moonkin or feral cat, or I can tank in bear. use me as you need me. I rotated through different dps roles, we downed spider wing just a few seconds too slow for arachnophobia. not bad for a group that hadn’t been in there before. Most were kinda clueless, tanks included, nobody knew where they were going or what the bosses did. Depending on the trash or boss I shifted between casting and shreding and had a good time, spiders went down effortlessly, then we turned on patchwerk, had some trouble on his trash, people body pulled the group on the other side of the slime river while we were juming over, naturally we wiped.. once all clear, i flipped into bear to … erm.. bear the brunt.. of patcheys offtank hits.

we powered over him and he went down fairly easy.

then frogger defeated a few people, and on to grobbulous.. /wince all I can say good about it is that we survived first attempt. But it was an ugly fight, clouds in the middle, multiple slime adds.. but he went down.. a moderately decent ring drops that I actually could use for my tank set so i put out a roll on it. the RL gets all pissy “Main spec only.” I’m thinking… Ok… this is NAXX, not ICC, doing heroics and getting badges can get anyone better gear than this. i’m only passing time.. Is this guy seriously treating this like a major loot run or something?

then, the big puppy dog, we were all in vent, but as is my custom i’m not talking as people are asleep around me. the RL was talking strategy, assigning duties. I typed in that I would go bear and keep the puppy chow busy. a couple minutes later the RL asks WTF am I doing in bear form, i’m not the tank. Someone else straightened him out, and I was talking to one of the tanks who seemed surprised that I would offer to handle the chow, I said in raid chat that Flexibility is what druids are about, I don’t consider myself to have a main/offspec i do it all. (well except healing) the RL didn’t audibly grumble.. but i knew he knew i was giving him a virtual jab.

After gluth, ( i died once and the tree brought me back) the party suddenly decided they want to try to get to KT… I mentioned then that this was a one way passage, can’t get back there from here, only forward. so they decided to suicide on the giants in the next room. I then had to actually tell people where the repair place is…

we got one attempt in on the ice/bone dragon, but it wasn’t pretty, nobody knew the fight. many deaths from people not spreading out and getting caught in iceblock’s aoe blast. (i had my dbm range finder on, set to 11 yds.) then they all said.. it’s too hard, calling it a night… which was fine with me, 1am is plenty late… I had actually been hoping for a toc/sarth run. those are at least short.

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