How Boomkins work


How Y’all are? (yes, I’m from Texas)

Now that you know a bit about who Katt is and where she is in the game. Lets talk about what she is.

There are many types of druids, our talent trees provide a wide array of customization to tailor our character to fit our play style. (This was my mistake trying to be a feral tank, it’s not my style.) Right now, katt is a moonkin dps build and she does on average 600-800 dps on single targets. Where katt shines is grouped with a good multi target threat tank. With the changes to hurricane, the addition of starfall, and moderate gear. (mixture of pvp, kara, badge, and tier 4 items) When the full force is unleashed katt can easily aoe upwards of 2000 dps. (As seen in our first attempt at hyjal after the 3.0 patch)

I’ve picked talents that seemed logical to me at the time, at the moment this is what i have. My build I’m sure the theory crafters and numbe crunchers will go through this and say WTF were you thinking when you did this? but.. It’s my character, she’s fun to play, I like it this way at the moment. I do welcome constructive feedback tho.

My current understanding of what stats to stack are Hit Rating, Stamina, Intelligence, Spellpower, crit strike, and Haste. Armor shouldn’t be focused on, but neither should it be neglected. The kind of damage you put out is very bursty and can easily pull agro if you are not paying attention. When that happens (not if) you need enough health and armor to absorb a couple hits while the tank stops laughing enough to get the critter back. But take cloth if needed for a slot upgrade.

For those of you brave/crazy enough to want to boomtank, your priorities shift a little as you need to stack even more stamina, plus armor/defense/dodge/agility since you are not feral you don’t have that handy 6% reduction in crit strike chance and have to make up for it with itemization. Cloth should never be used for a boomtank. Your spell of choice will be wrath (so nature damage bonuses are nice) when you can single target pull, obviously you can put out a lot of dps/threat with Hurricane. Be very careful with starfall as it has a huge aoe radius and you might get more than you wanted. You will be popping barkskin frequently, in fact probably want to use a macro to attempt to cast barkskin each time you cast hurricane just so you don’t have to hit multiple buttons. The increased armor, and spell pushback reduction are quite helpful for aoe tanking. I can go no further on a guide to boomtanking untill I actually become one. (one of my eventual goals) So, for now, I would appreciate any boomtank gear/talent/strategy suggestions you might make.

For all other Moonkin out there, Typhoon is a great spell, but when in a group/raid the tanks don’t like their targets to fly out of range.. or over ledges where they will pull things on their way back up. Now if the tank has the critter’s back against a wall and it can’t go anywhere.. Go for it!

Alright, gotta get back to work, I don’t get paid to write blog entries. (not yet at least) So, for now signing off.

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  1. You may find boomkin tanking trickier these days. They cut down our armor boost, reduced our multipliers off armor jewelry, and high-armor gear is harder than ever to find. The level 80 PVP gear might make it feasible again (former panzerkin here!) but we’ll have to see.

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