Rant: DPS control issues


I’m not talking about DPS that can’t control their agro, I mean DPS that try to control the speed of the run. I mentioned an annoying mage in a previous post, and was just reading Pugging Pally who had a similar problem.

I’ll keep this short guys, LET THE BLOODY TANK PULL. I told that mage that if he pulled again, I would wait till he died to growl it off him. I pull when my furry butt is ready to, if you get an itchy fireball in your palm that’s your problem.

Chances are, if you have a tank going slowly, they just starting out and haven’t gained confidence in their abilities yet, or do not know the dungeon and the abilities of the various mobs.

8 Responses to “Rant: DPS control issues”

  1. Here here!

    Funnily enough I pugged HoS yesterday (or the day before, maybe), and because the priest healer decided they didn’t want to go the route I was taking they actually started fighting some of the mobs! I (and the DPS) weren’t even with them, we were making our way in the direction I was going. I noticed, then had to go back and save them, then they just /point… expecting I’d just get that they wanted to go in that direction, didn’t even say anything in party chat. Quite frustrating!

  2. I wonder if we are going to see a rise in the use of the ingame voice chat? the quality is poor, like a firefly beside a supernova, but.. it would help some in coordinating cross realm pugs.

    Baby katt pugged bfd …again… this weekend. and the run went fairly well in my opinion, only a couple deaths, successfully killed everything that moved. BUT, the run had some interesting moments.. one almost wipe, and one seriously?? moment. The almost wipe happened coming back from the optional underwater boss under the little temple. I turned right, the rest of them went left.. i died then the mobs started sprinting around the outside of the lake to get to the rest of the party.

    The seriously?? moment was trying to open that stupid door to get to the final boss. we downed the praying orc, then some genius lit 3 of the braziers at once and was heading for the 4th.. good heals prevented any deaths, and a lot of swipes.. the other druid on the run frequently would flip from cat to bear, and sometimes to caster to help out on all roles. Great guy… until the last boss went down, then he piped up and said something to the effect of “all of you guys suck, i did everyones job, lrn2ply” alright, as i said before, in your mid 20’s you don’t have a lot of tanking tools yet, doing the best i can with what i have. Gear is still lousy, but getting better bit by bit. and confidence tanking is slowly starting to build, the hard part is not having the really useful feral abilities yet. but those will come in time.

  3. Heh. I had a good run going in PoS. Finished the first 3 groups of mobs heading into the cave, the hunter decided to help and misdirected a caster to me, unfortunately, that aggroed the other 5 folks in the group and they started heading towards him. Dash->swipe->mangle->run around and round them up. His comment, “Ooops, I guess misdirect pulls don’t work well there.” I luckily was able to grab everything back up. We actually didn’t have any problems other than that one and I’m sure he meant well, but I still was OMGWTF at the moment.

  4. I think as a hunter you’re almost in a moral quandary with tanks sometimes. Do I MD pull and speed up the run if the tank is unreasonably slow? How do I define unreasonably slow? I play a tank too and I know one thing I hate is hunters/rogues pulling mobs far away when I’ve got runes on CD.

    Take today, I did Culling of Stratholme Heroic on my hunter. The paladin tank and the druid tank were both from the same guild so I thought it would be a smooth run. It was painful, the tank didn’t understand some of the basics of tanking and had terrible awareness.

    On one of the add packs we were finishing off the last mob and the next pack spawned. Given this was left of the entrance where you come in the next pack was very close and aggroed on the mage because they were playing on auto pilot and had started aoe. They realise they’re going to die and Iceblock so the healer gets munched – I pop my MD and volley like mad before kiting the last mob (out of range of volley) to death. I then get told to stop pulling with volley 😦

    But for the rest of the run he seemed to have a strange rhythm. At times he’d be charging in like mad and pulling every, at others he’d wait for 5mins then pull slowly.

    By the way, I totally love my druid too at the moment – level 21 and so versatile. Even when healing its still fun to pop in a little bit of ninja dps.

  5. I think Ambrosine said it even better than I could here: http://forthebubbles.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/why-there-are-no-tanks/

    I don’t know, it might be because I’m married to a tank, but in my world I wouldn’t dream of pulling for the tank. Ever. I accidentally alt-tabbed to an extra trash pack in Gundrak and immediately got the flush of guilt/shame. You just don’t… do it. So I’m so flabbergasted when I run into people who think that it’s okay to do. And it quite likely IS why there aren’t as many lowbie tanks. I’m glad you just let these pushy, overzealous people die!

  6. I mostly tank heroics, and it REALLY gets on my nerves when people consistently do this. My wife plays (well… played 😦 ) a healer so we’d always run heroics together, and if we had already warned some trigger happy DPS to stop pulling, then we’d just let them die the next time(s) they did it. In my experience they learn to stop pretty quickly!

    When I play boomkin in heroics I would never ever dream of pulling, and if the tank was THAT slow then I might ask them to move it along a bit, in a polite and friendly way. Only ever had to do that once though, and they confessed that it was only their 2nd run as a tank, so I made allowances and gave them advice, and they appreciated it.

    I’ve also fallen victim of tabbing through targets and accidentally launching a wrath at some idle mobs. I feel so bad when that happens. It’s amazing though how the wrath looks like it’s going in slow motion when I realise my mistake!

  7. @Kalacios – I know what you mean, i think most of us have done it at least once. Everything goes into slow motion and you can memorize the exact positions of every mob and character.

    The only times i’ll pull for a tank, is when i’m on my hunter and specifically asked to MD to the tank, Speaking of my hunter…

    Ran Heroic VH last night and got IMO the worst two boss combination possible, first was the etheral, second was the giant voidwalker. I hadn’t played brusaoiri in a long time and barely remembered which end of the gun was the business end, but it came back to me quickly enough. we wiped at least 5 times on the etheral dude, then blew through the vw and the dragon. I evaded death on only one of the wipes. (fein death FTW.) but my gnomish pocket knife didn’t bring the healer back.. lol we went through about 13 different people, me and the tank stayed through the whole thing. but got those frost emblems.

  8. Not to mention that if they pull for you, your aoe might be on cooldown [for a pally or dk] or may not be able to pull it off them fast enough.

    And it’s not just dps pulling for the tank. Healers are doing it too. I just let em all die if they’re going to pull.

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