Katt the second Vs. Redridge


Katt has always gone a different direction from the norm, people tend to stick to the standard starting areas and secondary areas. Unless they have done them over and over.. Katt didn’t like living on a huge tree and left as soon as the bear quest was done, deciding to help the space goats out instead. Their two zones provided enough material to keep her busy into her 20’s. now at 25 having done a small smattering of random quests she went to redridge to work for a while. (good mining to be had there.) Katt’s done a few instances, mostly BFD and stockades.  but by and large katt’s questing her way through the levels. (Right now mostly because IRL I have a 2 month old to keep an eye on and can’t commit to long periods of playtime to do lots of instance runs.) Katt will probably move on soon to duskwood but only once mining goes up a bit

I don’t have any interesting stories just now, so just posting an update on the baby boomtank.

2 Responses to “Katt the second Vs. Redridge”

  1. Hey! Found your site thru a random search.

    I have warrior, paladin, and death knight tanks at level 80, and I’m working on a druid. I’d sort of prefer playing boomkin most of the time, but want to also enjoy the shorter LFD queues that come with being a tank.

    I’m going to play around with some hybrid gearing and such while leveling (the druid’s only level 10, but has spell and feral heirloom 2h, shoulders, and chest at his disposal), and I plan to post on my blog about the experience. Is it ok if I link back to your website as a resource?


    • Absolutely, I haven’t got much real advice up yet, but will be working on it. i’m running a jr. level boomkin/bear on a new server and do post info periodically about her.

      For best results, keep the gearing/talents focused to either caster or melee till you can dualspec. hybrid specs are what I tend to think of as the worst of two worlds. (granted a restokin build is very flexible and the gearing for those two roles are not horribly different.)

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