Flailpugs are Us


I was trying to decide between simply commenting on BBB’s post, and writing my own. Over this long weekend I have been seeing a lot of the same attitudes as described elsewhere, So, I thought I would share my weekend’s experiences with the group.

As most of us know, I have a 1 month old in the house, which means without warning; I may have to absent myself from the computer for extended periods of time, I will be coming back to this later.

I was bored on Friday night, after we managed to get all the kids in bed. They had a long day of playing with all their new toys and having little blowups when one would take someone else’s “favorite” new toy from them. (3 girls ages 4, 5, 6…) The wife had lain down on the sofa with the infant and both were happily asleep and it was still early (for a gamer on Friday night that is.)

I decided instead of playing the elder katt, I would play katt jr over on BBB’s server. I had created her for the pink shirt event and have been playing her a little here and there ever since. As she’s only low 20’s, there’s not much in the way of talent points assigned, and for leveling I always tend to toss my first few points into resto for the clearcasting talent. (The name eludes me at the moment.) But, at low 20’s all you really need is plenty of armor and health to “tank” right? It’s not like you have any of your role defining talents yet.  So I popped into the automatic headache interface, and signed up for a random dungeon for some nice level based loot. I figured I could handle any of the roles so I tagged all three healz, dps, and tank. Well, I woke up inside the instance as the tank, and we were in BFD.  I had to oil the hinges on my old instance book to remember how this one worked, got used to all the outland and northrend stuff, and haven’t leveled anything up in a long while doing age appropriate instances.

Ok, so looking at the group we have, hmm, two mages, a warrior, and a priest. (Sounds like the start of a joke to me.) So, we start going along, and my poor memory makes a fool out of me. I get lost underwater on the way to the stupid turtle boss. But I finally get my furry butt on land in the right spot and we take him down easily enough. As we proceed deeper in and start getting small packs of naga, we start encountering some agro problems from the mages blasting away with blizzards. One of them pipes up and says “you need to be spamming swipe and nothing else, I waited 3 seconds before casting, you have enough time.” Right away, I decided not to like that mage.. (One’s lvl 21, the other 24, and at that point I think I was 21 as well.) But I manage to hold things together and not have any massive fails till we get to the leaky bridge out on the water. A runner I didn’t have rage enough to finish gets outta my range and wakes up another pack and I have more on me than I can handle. I’m the last one standing and have backed away so it’s safe to use my emergency trick. I keep shadowmeld on my button bar for just such an occasion. I’m out of combat, the critters reset, and I bring everyone back to life. Minor wipe emergency avoided… moving on. We get into the temple itself and start clearing the side trash; finally we are ready for the boss praying at the altar. I was about to pop enrage to build up some initial rage, knowing the mages as well as I already do. When I see a pyroblast slowly going across the screen. I growl the boss off the mage and we take him down. Then I flat out tell the group, if you pull like that again I will wait till the boss creams you before picking him up next time. The mage then gets defensive, naturally, I the swipe-bot had done the unthinkable and told him the mighty dps what to do… Well, he tells me my tanking sux and starts acting really nasty, I do a votekick and he’s gone. The other mage then says my tanking sux too and leaves.. ok fine by me, maybe I’ll get some people that know how to do single target damage to the target I’m attacking.. right? Well we get a shaman and another druid. Suits me..

In the meantime all the trash has respawned along the way, they can’t get to us so we start to run back to help them make it through. Somehow, I slipped on those wet rocks and found myself in the water under the temple with the loch ness monsters chewing on my butt. Eventually we all get back in and in the right place, when… The infant starts wailing loud enough to wake the dead. I tell the group I have to leave; luckily the other druid is a feral and is ok to finish the run.

Now, I know that wasn’t my best attempt at tanking, I had been hoping for stocks or something really easy that I could plow through without thinking. And at that stage my gear stinks and my spec doesn’t really especially endow me for tanking. But that early in the game it shouldn’t really matter anyway. But I did not expect to come across such rude little people hiding behind some silly little pixels. Not after the great pugs I have had, and even the not so great, but successful ones where it was more a matter of people not knowing what way to go.

5 Responses to “Flailpugs are Us”

  1. 1 Tim

    You get the good with the bad, I guess.

    The worse tends to be people that are playing a lowbie alt, of a vastly different nature than their main, yet still with the level 80 attitude. Seriously! What’s with the mega attitude at lvl 16? But, I did find one redeeming pug at the lower levels. We were doing SM (Cemetary), and the tank admitted that this was his first toon, ever. Everyone in the group said, “np, just take it slow…” and we crushed the place! The tank (Bear) did a great job, and the rest of us managed the single target aggro. 🙂

    Tim (Zwingli, Sentinels)

  2. I know what you mean about having to bail when the little’un’s wake up, most inconvenient when you’re in the middle of raiding (don’t they realise it’s WoW time? :p ). Luckily doesn’t happen too often these days as my youngest is now 4 😀 .

    You can definitely spot the players who are used to playing level 80’s and having a go at people for any problems there may be. I always just assume that others in the lowbie instances could be new players, goes much easier that way I reckon.

    Nice blog btw. Funny thing is I was just thinking that I might start my own, and as I’m boomkin/bear is was thinking “how about something like ‘moonbear’ or some such name”, almost the next click from another blog (Feral Instincts) led me here, and I see you’ve got boomtank. Ah well :p

  3. @Kalacios Thanks, i don’t spend enough time working on my blog, or on wow these days. The kids do interfere with my wow time a lot, but i wouldn’t trade them for anything. Now, if i could only get the household chores done early enough that i could go play at 8 and not hear the wife grinding her teeth that i’m on the computer i’d be golden.

  4. Also can’t wait to read your blog Kalacios

  5. Ah, well that’s where I think I’m lucky, my wife actually introduced me to WoW, so we play together quite alot, 😀

    Not decided on whether to start up a blog yet… but will be sure to let you know if I do. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while so chances are I will give it a bash.

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