Leave me alone, I’m playing an alt.


Hello my name is ____ and i’m an altohaulic.

I know there are more of us out there. Just can’t resist starting that new alt for whatever reason.

Currently on my main server, (yes, I have toons on more than one server) I am maxed out at 10 characters. My main toon is my boomer of course. What’s not to love about a large feathered beast with antlers? In addition, I have a pair of hunters which I play for different reasons. One of them was my main character till roughly the 3.0 patch and we started deciding who to prep for raids when we got to 80. As I started raiding more and more with balance, I played my hunters less and less and my druid more and more. So naturally that was my first to 80. Well, I’ve been at 80 for several weeks now and still finding new things to do.  I’ve only managed a couple levels  on my hunters since the expansion. Well, in part that’s because I keep finding things to do with my druid, but mostly it’s because every time I log onto an alt, I get tagged with a message asking me to come join in on this run or that. Usually I do give in and go along with whatever putting off my alts longer and longer.

My first hunter (dwarf) is only 72 after all this time, the other one (nelf) has made it only to 70. One is a miner/engineer the other a skinner/leatherworker. I try to run the two about even so they are helping each other out with things. (one makes the armor, the other weapons and ammo.) I initially made the two to compare beastmaster spec to marksman long ago. I never could get them to the same level to compare damage directly but after this much time, I just can’t delete either one.

The next in line is my Mage permanently parked near the mailbox in howling fjord. (he’s my tailor/enchanter and has been lvl 65 for the better part of 6 months)

After that is my warlock (miner/jeweler) somewhere around 48th lvl I think.

My paladin (miner/blacksmith) is down at 40.

My priest is down around 27

I have a bank toon at 4 but he doesn’t count..

My most recent additions are a DK which i’ve taken up to 66, and a shaman up to 10.


Now the reason for the name of this post.. Many years ago I was a student at a great school. My room mate at the time and I went down to the commons for a bite to eat. It was late, so the dinner crowd had been through already. We ordered some pizza rolls and sat down to eat them and notice there were no napkins anywhere to be found. My roommate goes and grabs a handful of straws. He stripped the straws and started weaving them together. After a couple minutes I couldn’t help but ask “WTF are you doing??”

He looked up at me and said.. “Leave me alone.. I’m making a napkin.”

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