Naxx is nice


I’m always hesitant going into a new dungeon for the first time. Will my gear be sufficient to handle the upcoming challenges, will the group know what to do? I’m sure y’all also have these same thoughts.

Well, last night, we went into naxx again. (I was not in on the first night, where they did in fact down Patchwerk) Well, we went and tackled the first boss in the deathknight wing, and he went down after a few tries and consultations of the wiki and other sites. I lost the roll on a drop there by 1.. /sob

We cleared on down to the harvester, and could not get him down, we made it into wave 19 at our high water mark, but losses kept mounting, the healer on dead side kept dying causing a domino effect.

After our 4th try, someone suggested we go try the first boss in spider wing. nobody had prepared/studied that fight yet, so we took 5 (well closer to 15 all said and done) to repair, bio, and let the tanks study the fight.

I might add that I run a laptop beside my main machine for the purpose of information gathering. (reading up on things without alt tabbing out is a lot safer.)

So, I studied the fight video as well. We dropped anub’rekhan on our 2nd or 3rd try i think. I scored a very nice pair of caster leather pants, Splint-Bount Leggings.

Anyway, seeing three bosses and downing two for the first time in was a well spent 4 hours.

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