Life at 80


Well, it’s taken a bit of time adjusting to life at 80, I can now take my time and explore everything more slowly and thoroughly.  I’m finding that I enjoy this level cap much more than the last one. Now that the realm first acheivements have been awarded and people are settling in to enjoy the game, the frenzy has ramped down to managable levels. Resource stealing and similar asshattery is starting to level off. My gatherer map is getting nice and populous thanks to a very active guild. It only took me 3 or 4 passes around stormpeakes to get 2 stacks of lichbloom for making enough mana pots for an injector. As the rest of the guild catches up to the first 15 to cap, we will be heading toward 10 and 25man runs at naxx, running all the heroics we can. And working on alts to buildup flexibility for raids. Tho, if the choice is between my boomer or my hunter, my guild would take the boomer everytime. something about a kick butt dps that can heal/raise in a pinch just kinda clenches the deal.

My first lvl 80 heroic 5man was a pain in the butt, we tried violent hold.. err.. violet hold rather.. and got stuck with that void boss. Owch..

My second 80 heroic 5man attempt went a lot better. was Heroic UK, and I got two very nice items from that run, the caster leather helm dropped, and a very nice caster ring dropped. My spellpower is now over 1100 and dps is too. Thanks to some help from BBBB’s post about damage trinket macros.

well time to head for the house and fire up the computer for a long night’s raiding.. y’all come back now y’hear?

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