Where have all the healers gone?


I don’t know about anyone else, but WTF happened to all of the healers? It’s all but impossible to beg/borrow/steal one anymore for a run. Even in guilds you see 10 million DK’s but not a single resto/holy anything running around. I understand it’s difficult to level as one.. but.. come on now, twice one of my Feral cousins had to dust off his leaves for a heroic run. I’m half tempted to ::shudders at the thought:: respec resto just so I can get some runs in and hope to snare some gear. Luckily it’s the smaller half, the rest of me scoffs at the idea of trading feathers for leaves. Of course, another solution presents itself to me, I really dislike my priest, if I were to retire my priest and attempt to level up another druid (feral for leveling then switching to resto) I would never be without something to do..

Maybe that dualspec thing will happen at some point…. DS Boomkin/Resto would be sweet..

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