Operation: Wintergrasp


Ok, I enjoyed wintergrasp so much I figgured I would post a how to of what we did to win (on attack) yesterday.

Step 1 (After your first time in you can skip this): Find an enemy or 2 and kill them, do this so you are recognised as a soldier of rank and can then request a machine.

Step 2: Request a vehicle, hop in, move to the nearest wall and start breaking a hole in it. Kill any turrets you see (manned or unmanned)

Step 3: Break down more than one entry way into the inner keep. You don’t want all your vehicles to be in choke points where the defenders can concentrate fire on you.

Tip: Strength in numbers.

Some of the Vehicles allow more than one person to ride on them. There are 3 variety of engines That I encountered last night.

1. Catapult – Single person, tosses barrels of plague does an AOE splash damage to Enemy players/npcs/Enemy Vehicles/Walls. Also has a flame attack forward facing cone for anti personnel. These things are dangerous in packs.

2. Demolisher – Single person control + up to 2 passengers – (I didn’t drive one not sure about it’s attacks, preferred sitting in the basket and nuking targets, you can fight from the baskets if you have ranged attacks.)

3. Seige Engine – Driver, Gunner, up to 2 passengers – Driver has a ram attack, gunner has.. a BFG. Passengers are in an enclosed “safe” compartment and can do nothing except jump out or jump to an empty spot on the vehicle. The gun turret has a good Long range attack and is under independant control from the driver. ineffective at short range.

I would recommend only 1 or 2 of the engines, 3 or 4 of the demolishers and everyone else that can hop in catapults or in the baskets of the demolishers. the catapults provide close range cover for the demolishers and engines.

grouping in a raid and/or vent is a good thing to do here. and there is no limit to the size of the group you bring into the zone, you could have 2x 40 man raids built to come in and teach the other side a lesson. The only downside is..

Being a world PvP zone, Wintergrasp has the possibility of numbers imbalance between the sides, possibly quite severe. This is countered by a buff called “tenacity” This buff increases the health, regen, healing, and damage of the players that have it. The more the imbalance, the higher the buff. You can very well see cloth characters with 50,000 or more HP in the event of a large imbalance.

If you have tenacity, you need to use it to your advantage. You are more powerful than normal and need to play as such. In particular, acting as basic infantry and attacking an enemy vehicle and lead to it being destroyed very quickly.

If you are facing tenacity, you want to avoid direct conflict with enemy players when possible. Use your numbers to your advantage and focus fire, it’ll take multiple people to take one of the enemy out. Remember the buff applies to their vehicles too.”

Step 4: Capture the keep – I wasn’t actually inside the keep when this happened, so not sure what they did. Wowwiki has this to say

“The objective in Wintergrasp is a large orange sphere located inside the keep itself. The sphere must be activated by a player for 10 seconds, in the same way capturing a flag works in other battlegrounds. If this is done successfully, the attackers win. Any damage caused to a player attempting to activate the relic will cause the activation to stop.”

Quests – Both factions have several daily quests inside the zone, which quests you get depend on who has control at the moment. Some of the quests are defense related, others are offense related. Some don’t matter. These quests reward you with money, honor, and stone keeper shards. (you do want that war mammoth right?)

Resources – Unlike the BGs that the win condition is based on resources, in this zone resources are yours for the taking. What we are talking about are mineral/herb nodes and lots of elementals you can farm for crystalized elements. Should your side happen to have control revenant spirits of the elements will be roaming that only you can see, they drop 1-3 crystalized elements each, and come in all varieties.

Tip – Control of factories

There are 6 factories, two in the keep, two in the far south, and two in the middle. The two in the middle are capturable (like flags in AB). The two at either end are destroyable. Should you have a force capable of it, capture the two middle factories, destroy the enemy factories and keep the enemy from getting any engines. that should ensure a win.

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