Acheivement LVL 80


I know, it’s been 4 days, where have I been? Well, over the Thanksgiving holiday, with little interruption from that annoying job thing.. I managed to bring Katt all the way up to 80. I did it all by questing, tho I’m still not done with Shaolazar Basin, or Zul’Drak.

Grizzly hills was fun, especially once I hit 77 and could fly. Once I finished that, it was time for the basin and ZD. As I’ve been going through all these quests hunting what I hoped would be gear upgrades, I’m sad to say.. I’m still wearing most of the gear I had at 70.. About the only things I’ve managed to upgrade have been weapons, rings, and trinkets.

Anyway, the first thing I wanted to do when I hit 80 was to try out one of the new set of heroic dungeons. My first attempt was Violet hold. I really, really hate that void boss. We couldn’t get past him and gave up after about an hour and a half of attempts. I have only run 3 dungeons since coming to northrend. I’ve run UK twice, Nexus twice, and that one on the border of zul drak once. I have to get myself into some runs to learn these fights, and quick.

I have been working on my alchemy as potions and elixirs will be needed for our early raids. I finally started work on my hunter/engineer finally, and I found out something interesting about the rhino pet.. Shoveltusk stags will come from far and wide to attack a rhino. They really, really don’t like rhinos. also poor rhinaldo has to wait outdoors almost everywhere because he’s so bloody huge. Tho it was funny when he trampled the pirate at skalawag point that is in the tent. Rhinaldo knocked him clear through the back wall of the tent. I had to go around behind to get him to pay up what he owed that tauren.

One of Katt’s latest experiments was to see how well she liked wintergrasp. Let me tell you, I had a blast, that was the most fun I’ve had with PVP ever. I like driving the catapults, and I like riding on the destroyer where i’m out in the open and can cast spells at the enemy. I don’t much care for the seige engine unless i’m the gunner. riding in the troop transport area is kinda lame. Once I get a decent set of gear pulled together i’ll be quite the damage machine. But in the meantime, I will be hitting wintergrasp as much as I’m able. Warsong Gulch can burn for all I care, I’ve never liked that place, or Arathi Basin.

I’m going to try to get as many of my guildies as possible to form up for a raid on wintergrasp, so we can go on and do the boss once we win. Not to mention, If I can bring that many alliance troops in at once, it will be a very lopsided win.. muhahahaha (this coming from someone that usually would refuse to go help take halaa and would instead wait till alliance controlled it. I should go back there and try to work for the war talbuks..

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