and then one time at hunter camp.


We have all been there, you have that /facepalm moment when you just want to tell someone to RTFM. I’ve run with a few good hunters, also a few not so good. One hunter I know, is a great guy, loyal as a great dane and just as clumsy, will do exactly what you tell him to the letter. But you better spell everything out including timing.

we go into the circular right hand turn room in sethek halls. you know the one, big bonfire in the middle, three groups of mobs on by the door, one behind the bonfire, one right in front? The room before the first boss. Well, there we were happily cleaning away the trash on heroic mode we were on our way to go say hello to anzu for some druid’s flight quest.. (mine i think actually.) We clear the group in front, then pull away the guards by the other door. Everything is going well. We tell our hunter friend to pull the square over to the left and put it in a trap.

As far as instructions go, they don’t get much simpler than that. Our pally tank is starting to move to the right to get in position to pull the group to him when suddenly the group lurches off to the left and creams the hunter then catches our healer napping. Our hunter friend had walked over to the far left side and had gotten close enough to body pull the group. We intended him to just step left a little bit and snare his target as he was running toward the tank.

We pulled everything together after that wipe and succeeded in ruffling anzu’s feathers, unfortunately no mount.. there’s always next time.. (yeah right..)

As I play a hunter alt, I often forget that not everyone learns the same lessons. Now, looking at the new DK’s coming out, and how they are introduced to the world. I kinda like the idea that they are subjected to a series of quests before they can even exit their starting zone and mingle with the rest of us. I think all noob huntards should be apprenticed by a good knowledgable hunter instead of let loose immediately to mingle and skip their crucial lessons. How many times have you heard in the teldrassil common chat.. how do i feed my pet??

Druids are in even worse trouble. The more flexible a class is, the more ways for a noob to screw up. First, gear choices.. trying to balance two or more sets of gear for various aspects can be a great challenge, especially as each form has unique needs that must be addressed. (thank the programmers for outfitter or I would have gone insane faster)

Even now with help, I still have trouble deciding on gear for my offspec. (I like to keep it moderately current in case I have to switch roles to handle something specific.)

But all druids reguardless of spec, should carry a basic feral set to enable them to offtank a mob in a desperate need. I think I went a little overboard, but i’m cleaning it up now, at one point, I had 2x 18 slot bags full of gear on my character at all times. (full cat feral, full healer, full balance (equipped), bear peices for feral set, misc trinkets) I finally cleaned out the items I deemed that were no longer needed. It was all kara loot anyway. Much of it redundant after the 3.0 patch.

Anyway, I think I had a point I was trying to make at one time. Whatever it was is gone now, but I will leave you with this. Those of us who have gotten a handle on our class should offer help and understanding to the noobs, but we must make sure the noob does not use us as a crutch and constant source of what do i do now? There is a big difference from helping them avoid early mistakes, and carrying them through the levels unprepared to think on their.. well not feet, usually wow players are sitting.

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