Smothered in noobsauce


A long while ago, when I first was starting the game. I was a nooblet, as were we all. (Tho some of us try to forget that.) I had not previously gotten into any MMORPG’s unless you count in text MUD’s where the focus was on role playing instead of /roll playing. A friend and co-worker of mine just recently started playing, I got him to join the same server I’m on so that I could help him along.

He has been enthusiastically wailing away on critters in westfall, and as a nooblet pally has already attained the lofty heights of lvl 23 without much in the way of guidance. I dusted off my old but relatively unused 26 spacegoat priest alt to help him out. (shadow specced, but at those levels it doesn’t much matter.)

Oddly enough, he had been having a hard time finding a group to run deadmines. The last time that I took someone under my wing and helped them get a handle on the game, they went on to cause a schism in our guild which broke it apart causing the long slow downward spiral into complete inactivity that eventually occurred. I am hopeful that I can avoid past mistakes here. The ironic part, is that previous person, played a pally, and we constantly ran deadmines to the point that I really can’t stomach going in there except in extreme cases.

My friend has been trying to solo deadmines and keeps getting stuck on the ogre. (which to be fair was a tough fight to solo even for my hunter well into his 30’s.) So, between the two of us, him tanking and me healing/wanding we crawl through deadmines killing anything that looks at us crosswise for the next hour and half till we have taken down Mr. Smite. (probably my favorite miniboss.) I use the old tactic of holding the fight at the far end of the pier/bridge to give us time to heal and finish off the guards while smite is gone to fetch a different weapon. He drops the Theif’s Blade which actually turns out to be an upgrade for my financially and gear challenged friend who was using a white quality longsword.

We decided to call it a night at that point, the slow march up to vc at the rate we were going would have taken at least another 30-45 and he’s on east coast and needed to get to bed. Generally, I frown on using a high level to run a lowbie through a place. To me it takes the element of skill out of the instance. When I was a guild leader, I flatly refused to send in the big guns when the character was at or below the instance’s recommended level range. I instead encouraged them to form up a level appropriate group to do the job. It’s much better that they learn their class then watch someone else kill everything. But, I think tonight, i’ll give him another run at it, and will bring in either Katt to boomtank it and let him heal, or my hunter and his pet rhino for some heavy fun. (actually not sure if the rhino can fit through those tunnels.) Or maybe run through with my new DK.. not sure, but I do want to help my friend down VC and see some good gear replace those whites and greys. Afterward.. He and I will have a nice chat about questing for gear upgrades and where he might be able to do that.

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