Wow Bloggers Unite


We should setup a guild of wow bloggers on some server. we would all have something in common to discuss, most of the bloggers I know of are people i would like to hunt with anyway. To me sounds like a fun Idea.. what you guys think?

4 Responses to “Wow Bloggers Unite”

  1. is just such a guild, you can find it on Argent Dawn. US is Alli, Europe is Horde. All you need to do is find someone in the guild and ask for an invite. There is also a chat channel called SinglAbstractNoun that anyone can join to ask for invites, etc.

    If you see a dorf hunter named Grymmtooth, /wave hi 🙂

  2. Er, the blog ate my brackets. [Single Abstract Noun], then.

  3. 4 Kaethir

    Grimmtooth beat me to it.

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