The horror.. er pleasure was all mine.


So, I was busy last night doing homework, taking care of kids, ect. eventually everything went quiet. The wife was on the couch doing her homework and watching DIY (kitchen and bathroom remodeling shows for those of you with your mind in the gutter) Well, I decided to poke my nose into wow and see if anything was going on.

A couple guildies were on, but didn’t seem interested in doing anything, so, I hit the trusty LFD tool and found myself tanking occulus again. I think the bear was right, that place has an abnormal weighting in the RNG that picks instances. That and AN..  Well, one of the guys said we need to do all red/greens to get the amber acheivement. I went along since i needed that one as well. We ended up with 3 reds and 2 greens (i took green.)

It went mostly well, had an ambitious hunter with a nervous trigger finger, but i digress.. (after the third time, I whispered the healer to let him die if he pulled. and the healer was in agreement.) Long story short, successful run, nothing special dropped. But, used emblems to get a new shiny, the Idol of Mutilation. So I was wandering around dalaran and my hypersensitive ears heard someone say LF Tanks/DPS for TOC10. I thought, why not? I whispered that I have never been there, would be happy to dps as feral, I don’t like to tank places i’ve never been before.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! I get an invite, and unsurprisingly still short on tanks. I say half jokingly that if needed i could offtank something maybe. I give a rundown on my gear and spec, and again.. surprise.. they start giving me a rundown on how to tank this place.

So, first boss takes two tanks, I take second position and taunt on 3rd stack then we alternate when the debuff wears off. one shot. BAM!

Second boss, I’m told to take the left wurm. I keep it busy, and in fact my wurm dies first and i switch to kitty to help drop the second wurm. BAM!

Then the giant yeti Icehowl. I’m told that i’ll be the backup incase the primary dies. to me that means i need to be high on threat table.. so i give it everything (but taunts) and he goes down easy. BAM! another Surprise.. I score me some phat loots, the Collar of Ceaseless Torment. I’m stoked, this has been an awesome night.

Then.. I’m told i get to tank the next guy.. Lord Jaraxxus.. /gulp me? ok… the primary tank had done this a few times and volunteered to take adds, which is the tougher assignment..

Alright, I get positioned and first attempt fails. But, I chatter with the tank and find out what i did right/wrong and adjusted things a bit before the second try. I only had to move him one time on the second attempt, and that was from an infernal dropping on my butt. Those things hurt.. And so he goes down and twitches a while. The loot was all mail so I naturally didn’t roll.

Then we hit the brick wall of the faction champions. We tried them three times, and I had to quit, it was getting on toward midnight and I still had a sink full of dishes to do.

My assignment was to keep the orc melee busy. And I acheived some success in this, finding out that he is succeptible to entangling roots, bash, and growl. If we hadn’t had that tree druid to kill we might have made it, but we never could get that thing down.

Anyway, that was my first raiding experience in TOC, and the first raid i’d been on in quite some time. I don’t expect that to happen frequently, but I’m hopeful that the team I was with thought I was at least competent enough to call on again if they need me.

One Response to “The horror.. er pleasure was all mine.”

  1. Sounds like you did a fine job in ToC.

    I hate the faction champs fight! Once you get the first healer down it starts to get much better. But,if you have the druid it needs to be burned down really fast as you can’t really interrupt their HoTs.

    Gz on your shiny new loot.

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