A fishing WII will go.


I’ve heard of some crazy things in my time, but this might just top most of them.

A person has managed to integrate a WIImote into his computer’s controls for fishing in wow.

I was cruising around El’s Extreme Anglin and was browsing their equipment section. Fishing is one of the areas in wow that i’m very deficient in levelling. I just haven’t bothered doing it. One of the tabs caught my eye. Automation – To me the fishing interface is a bit clunky, having to position your pointer over the bobber to right click at the correct moment. and being largely unable to chat with your buddies during that time. (except over vent and then you have to have it voice activated..)

The page talks about some macros, then at the bottom… a seperate heading for WII remote. Being something of a technology geek, I had to follow the link to this post. I bet something similar could be cooked up with a PS3 control, which also has motion sensing tech built in, and operates over bluetooth.

One of my thoughts on this, was what a great way to let younger children play for a bit on the game that we slightly older children spend so much time on. They may not be able to read the chat, or follow vent orders in a raid. but they can hold a remote and fish to their hearts content, (and the limit of your bagspace whichever comes first)

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