Two down, 48 to go


I have brought my second character to the lofty heights of lvl 80. And while the post title does say 48 to go, I don’t know if I will ever get anywhere near that far.

My second 80 is my dwarf hunter, who was my main character throughout TBC, was a guild leader, and went nutz with TBC dailys to get both the netherdrake and nether ray mounts. (must go back and buy the rest of the colors available.) This character did arenas (poorly but still earned enough for a few peices), and raided kara frequently till Katt’s transformation to moonkin and all else was forgotten. This is also my engineer/miner so I have a good source of ammo for this and my lower hunter, as well as quest items for borean tundra for all the rest as needed.

I’ve turned my attention now to my lower hunter who is a night elf, and is a skinner/leatherworker. Once I get his skill high enough, will make the blue lvl 78 set for my recent 80. I hope to get the dwarf into some 10man naxx action before too long.

After both hunters, comes my dwarf deathknoob, and gnome frostmage, both of which are into northrend already but aren’t overly active yet. The DK is my scripter, and the mage my enchanter/tailor.

If I really get ambitious, after that is my lock and pally still down in their 40’s, a priest in her 20’s, and a teenage shaman. my bank rogue will never level i’m afraid..

Then I might turn to my other servers..  But, I already have enough to keep me busy for the next couple years.

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