it was safe to come back to the blogosphere. I have a new post.

It feels like ages since i last dropped in to say hello, absolutely nothing has been going on, so I haven’t had any game related material to write about. I’ve been catching the occasional blurbs from Grimmtooth, BRK, BBB and Pike. But the muses have been off elsewhere leaving me to shift for myself.

I have been playing around with Katt 4.0, (1.0 is on Kul-Tiras, 2.0 was on BBB’s Server, 3.0 on Pike’s server, 4.0 is on Argent Dawn where I got to join in with the Single Abstract Noun folks.)

Katt is doing good so far, she’s still early on in her career, and for some reason has a hard time blending in with the spacegoats on bloodmyst isle.. it must be the ears, or lack of hooves.

I did have one interesting run lately, which promptly led to respecing to full balance with my whole 9 talent points…

I had been loading the feral tree planning on doing a wee bit of tanking right out of the gate at 15. and i did manage RFC (had no swipe but managed anyway) the groups held back and managed their agro.. mostly.

The other night, I pulled Wailing Caverns. which is  a horrible random.. at lvl 17, I was the lowest of the group, ranging up to a mid run ding to 21. luckily, we had a warrior at 19 who COULD  have taken over tanking and did for a time, till he quit because we wouldn’t boot him. But… Seriously, at these levels the tanks just don’t have their stuff together yet. I actually had to ask the group to hold up and let me at least hit the things a few times before they would unload. (i’m talking to you mage, and hunter.. you know who you are)

the group ended up dissolving due to it’s inadequacies, the warrior left after only one boss and the turtle.. and needed on everything that popped up. I might see about getting one of my new SAN guildies to run me through there a few times for the caster leather that drops (or deadmines for the defias stuff so i have feral gear when i get kitty at 20).. then again, i’ll be out of that into better stuff in no time.

In other news, I’m really starting to get the hang of EVE online, I like that there’s no requirement to buy the program or any of the upgrade/expansions.. ever.. and some of my RL friends play it and we get together like old times in college.

For those of you not familiar with EVE, it is a space based MMORPG where your character is actually whichever ship you decide to leave the station in. You can do pretty much anything you want from mining, to exploring, to trading on the markets,  to outright high seas.. er deep space piracy. That said, the game has a steep learning curve. And you script kiddies out there might as well look elsewhere, it’s not moddable like WOW, and you have to actually Read The (f)Blinking Mission to figure out what to do.. there is no giant green arrow telling you what way to go. Therefore, the player base in general is a lot less jittery and trigger happy, and doesn’t sharply increase at 330 pm monday-friday..

I’m still undecided if i’m going to subscribe to EVE or not. I know that I won’t have the time for WOW and EVE.. one will have to go.. my friend gave me a 21day free trial, so i have a few more days to decide..

So, I was reading the clockwork hare, and started going through this post and  this post and instead of leaving a Long comment, wanted to post it here for all to see.

Star Wars V Star Trek – Both, Favorite iteration of Trek is Voyager, I just can’t really decide why I like it better…

Kirk V. Picard – I would go with kirk, but Janeway beats both of them.

DC V. Marvel – batman — meh.. superman is cool, xmen and iron man rock. so.. Marvel.

KDE v. Gnome – I don’t use enough linux to have an opinion.

Emacs v. Vi – When I was at A&M, took a programming class. the instructor had an infatuation with emacs/lisp. lisp stands for Lots of Infuriating Silly Parentheses. Was the worst programming class I ever took. He didn’t teach the language, he taught “structured programming/pseudocoding”. So we had to learn a foreign language on our own and bend it to fit the rules imposed by lisp. Emacs was the editor of the instructor’s choice so that is what we had to use.. therefore… I hates it, my precious…

Open Source V. Free software – the Gnu should be everyone’s mascot. no?


Part 2


Coke V. Pepsi – Coke or Mtn Dew (regular, code red, and blue)

Iphone v. Android – Wife wants iphone, i want android. using 20 dollar prepaid shell right now.
M$office V. Open Office – at work M$, at home OO.
Laptop V. Desktop – Laptops are nice, but Desktops are easier to work on (see upgrading and repair)
Y! V. MSN – I have Y!, hardly ever use it. When I do, I sign in invisible..
Gmail/Y!mail/Hotmail – I’ve used all three, prefer Yahoo mail
Picasa V. Flickr – don’t use them either.
WordPress V. Blogspot – Haven’t tried Blogspot, I asked BBB what he used to make his blog. He said wordpress so i went and gave it a try. Been mostly happy with it. (exception being wowhead links..) I didn’t understand about self hosting V. when i first started it.
Facebook V. Twitter – haven’t tried twitter, but honestly, do people need SMS versions of your daily life? I use facebook a lot, lets me talk to my old High School friends, and play some mind numbing farmville/castle age/ect…
Order of Star Wars – IV, V, VI, you mean there are others? I don’t consider anything with Jar Jar as part of the real story..

Asimov vs. Heinlein vs. Clarke: Heinlein – I love double star, and red planet


additional questions in the comments


Pokemon Red V. Blue – I’m not big on pokemon, bought red so I could play around with my nephew way back when. Grew outta that pretty quick.


was just looking on my steam client, it ran an update. the complete final fantasy 11 game w/all addons is 4.99

makes it very tempting to give it a test run.

The unofficial tanking song.



Welcome to Texas in the summer.

It is 100 degrees out right now, we are under a heat advisory for the weekend, 102 Saturday and 104 Sunday.

My car has no working AC, (barring the good Ole 260 ac.. 2 windows down going 60mph.)

Where’s a frost mage when you need him?

Taking a look at th new beta information released, and I’ve cobbled together what I think would be a decent boomkin build.


I took all of the balance talents except for owlkin frenzy, (you shouldn’t be taking much damage if you have a competent tank,) and Genesis (dots and hots are not my focus.) I picked up Blessing of the grove, (buff moonfire direct damage by 6%), Furor (6% more int=more mana&more crit), and lastly perseverance (6% spell damage mitigation, tanks can’t stop that..)

For solo play, I might swap owlkin and perseverance as I WOULD be getting pounded on more.

HERE is my initial thoughts on a feral tank build.

I skipped the following talents: Brutal Impact, Nurturing Instinct, Endless Carnage, and Nom Nom Nom.

Brutal Impact – bash isn’t one of my frequently used skills in bear form (pounce is cat form of course.)

Nurturing Instinct –  I’m da tank, not da healer.

Endless Carnage – Rake is for cats, Savage roar and pulverize are good skills, but I think i need the 6% magic damage redux more.

nom nom nom – cat form..

I picked up the following talents: Blessing of the grove, Furor, and Perseverance

Blessing of the grove – gives me 4% bonus to claw and shred (not useful for bear, but opens next tier)

Furor – gives me 60% chance for 10 rage on shifting to bear (useful, but needed to open next tier)

perseverance – 6% reduction of spell damage – finally some magic defense.

HERE is my thoughts on a kitteh build.

Skipped these : Primal Fury, Nurturing Instinct, Natural Reaction, and Survival Instincts

Primal Fury – rage = bear, this is a kitteh build.

Nurturing Instinct – again, we are not heals

Natural Reaction – dodge for bear, we are kitteh.

Survival Instincts – I don’t worry that much about OS buttons, kitties should be behind the target, not getting pounded on. If I am, then the fight has wierd mechanics or the tank stinks.

I picked up these: Blessing of the Grove, Furor, Natural Shapeshifter (1/3)

Blessing of the Grove – 4% buff to claw/shred

Furor – keep 60 energy shifting to cat

Natural Shape shifter 1/3 – only had one point left, was either cheaper shape shift or survival instincts, figured i would shift more than panic.

don’t worry healers, i haven’t forgotten you.

HERE is my build.

I skipped 2 resto talents : Furor and Natural Protection

Furor doesn’t buff resto at all

Natural protection requires you getting crit which shouldn’t be happening.

I picked up 3 balance talents : Natures grace, Genesis, and Moonglow

Natures Grace – spell crit = 20% haste

Genesis – swiftmend and hots improved by 3%

Moonglow (1/3) – had one left over, moonglow helps reduce mana cost slightly

I welcome any questions or comments.

Many of you will remember the spirit beast pull toys. (wanted one but didn’t have the money at the time.)

BRK has put his creative talents to use again in an interesting tshirt design.

RealID and you


I’ve been over at the WOW_Ladies community reading a thread mentioned by BBB. One poster actually made a comment that I wanted to reply to. Unfortunately not being part of the community I can’t post replies there.. but.. since I have my own arena to post my opinions.


“It’s perfectly thinkable to me, alas, because this is just the latest way Blizz proves that it’s run by a bunch of white guys who assume all their customers are white guys and that concerns white guys don’t generally have to face don’t enter their mental space.”

Somehow, I don’t see this as a racial or gender issue, it’s much broader than that. It affects all of us male and female, black, yellow, white, red and brown. I do not like this new policy of blizzards for the same reason many others have posted. I don’t want prospective employers looking up my online activities. Not that playing a video game should grounds for not selecting a candidate for a job. But in my field there are some people not playing with a full quantity of marbles.

The issue of virtual/physical stalkers is a very real worry. There are some people out there that don’t have that good of a grasp on reality, and might try to retaliate against someone that argued with them in a forum post. Since I have children to consider the safety of, this also worries me. I’d rather take my chances with forum trolls which can be beaten by ignoring them, than risk the invasion of privacy this system affords.

Generally I forget the forums are even there most of the time. I have very limited time online anymore and don’t usually spend it reading pointless message boards full of trolls and flame wars. There are a few threads that I have found some limited use form, mostly in letting others do theorycrafting and letting me  skim through it for ideas to improve my own gaming experience.

What matters to Blizzard is dollars and cents, unfortunately they are short on sense. If they do not back off on this RealID outrage, I do expect to see a sharp decline in the WOW gaming population. I have been playing around with allods online here and there, I find it quite fun so far, especially for a free game. There are also other paid MMO’s out there, from Warhammer to Final Fantasy 11 to Star Wars and Star trek. If I ever decided to quit WOW, I would probably try out Star wars, Always wanted to be a Jedi… Or I may save myself that monthly fee and just play around with allods.

In Short… RealID = EPIC FAIL

Was poking around on my dashboard and saw that a frequent hit on my site is an old post (circa 2008) on How boomkins work.

I think it be time to update that info.

Katt in boomkin form has been dormant a while, allowing me to focus on learning feral tanking. Both gear sets (feral and boom) are solid bits of gear, could be improved, but solid nonetheless. (approx 4100-4500 GS for those of you who care about such things)

From my original post, many things have stayed the same, your important stats as a boomkin are hit rating, spellpower, crit strike, and haste. Stamina and intelligence don’t hurt either… Armor is not a critical stat for you, you are a DPS caster afterall, essentially a fat feathered mage.

Your key spells are Hurricane (AOE), Starfire, moonfire, and wrath. Other notables are Starfall (fire and forget Huge radius AOE), typhoon (cone attack, has a knockback that can be removed via glyph), and your treants. (I’ve always wanted to see a 5v5 all boomkin team pop their trees simultaneously.. talk about not seeing the forest for the trees)

**** Cataclysm note – in the upcoming expansion, we will have a ranged trap/explosive mushroom that appears to be a trained spell, with talent improvements.  Additionally the eclipse mechanic will be different post expansion

Speaking of eclipse, currently we have this nice little talent called… eclipse. This little gem is currently a random proc when casting either wrath or starfire. when it procs, it buffs the opposite spell for a time period.

I don’t still believe that it’s viable to be a boomkin tank, unless you swap from boomkin to feral tank spec during your dungeon run. (i do this frequently, and it reminds me of something i’ll relate in another post.)

For gems/enchants, i go back to the stat priority, hit, spellpower, haste and then crit. the key points to know when to stop a particular stat growth, is dependant on talents and the group you are with.

for Hit, if there is a spacegoat nearby, there’s 1% less hit you need, balance of power (talent) 4%, and faery fire 3% .

You are aiming for about 400 haste, there is a “soft cap” where haste has little to no additional benefit, that’s when it’s effect would speed your wrath cast to faster than the global cool down. the only benefit you would get would be to speed up the cast time on starfire.

Talent wise, if you run into mana regen trouble, there are 3 talents that will improve your mana regen at the cost of pure dps talents.

Intensity > Dreamstate > Moonglow.

You don’t have to really stack int or spirit, enough of that comes on your gear, so enchants/gems that provide them are actually a waste of something else good you could put there. That said, a poor enchant/gem that provides some benefit is better than none.

Do not be afraid to wear cloth gear, you ARE a DPS Caster afterall. Theitemization for caster druids is better than it once was, so you can find good caster leather.

I’ve run out of random thoughts so i’ll sign off..

Later guys.