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My normal mornings go something like this 0530 – alarm goes off and i slap it to shut it up 0545 to 0600 – somewhere in here i finally can string coherent syllables together to make words. If i’m lucky, I’ve already gotten in the shower and usually will be finishing up. 0600 to 0630 – sneak […]

it was safe to come back to the blogosphere. I have a new post. It feels like ages since i last dropped in to say hello, absolutely nothing has been going on, so I haven’t had any game related material to write about. I’ve been catching the occasional blurbs from Grimmtooth, BRK, BBB and Pike. […]

So, I was reading the clockwork hare, and started going through this post and  this post and instead of leaving a Long comment, wanted to post it here for all to see. Star Wars V Star Trek – Both, Favorite iteration of Trek is Voyager, I just can’t really decide why I like it better… Kirk […]

was just looking on my steam client, it ran an update. the complete final fantasy 11 game w/all addons is 4.99 makes it very tempting to give it a test run.

The unofficial tanking song.



Welcome to Texas in the summer. It is 100 degrees out right now, we are under a heat advisory for the weekend, 102 Saturday and 104 Sunday. My car has no working AC, (barring the good Ole 260 ac.. 2 windows down going 60mph.) Where’s a frost mage when you need him?

Taking a look at th new beta information released, and I’ve cobbled together what I think would be a decent boomkin build. HERE I took all of the balance talents except for owlkin frenzy, (you shouldn’t be taking much damage if you have a competent tank,) and Genesis (dots and hots are not my focus.) I picked […]

Many of you will remember the spirit beast pull toys. (wanted one but didn’t have the money at the time.) BRK has put his creative talents to use again in an interesting tshirt design.

RealID and you


I’ve been over at the WOW_Ladies community reading a thread mentioned by BBB. One poster actually made a comment that I wanted to reply to. Unfortunately not being part of the community I can’t post replies there.. but.. since I have my own arena to post my opinions. @sodzilla “It’s perfectly thinkable to me, alas, […]