I’m feeling very tookish


To any old friends reading, hi, missed you guys. 

To any new friends, Welcome!

I used to play WOW as a Moonkin druid named Katt.

I have not picked that back up, but I have been dabbling in LOTRO and STO since both games are free to play.

I enjoy both games and can happily plink away at them till sometime in the future when i might pickup wow again. 

I think I may start posting again about my gaming experiences. I will definitely have to find my some lotro blogs to scour, hoping someone will be as informative for that game as BRK, pike, or BBB were/are to wow.

Anyway, i’m still out here. hope i havent been forgotten totally.

2 Responses to “I’m feeling very tookish”

  1. Well hello there Katt…tell us about all your characters 🙂

    • Well, on LOTRO, I have 5 characters started. none have advanced very far. I still do not get to spend much time playing games. I joined PAX gaming on my STO characters, and expanded that to join the PAX group in LOTRO. Farusc is my newest character, a human hunter. I have only leveled up to 13 and am tooling around bree currently. I’ll post more when there is something worth posting.

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