Pike’s MEME – Geek Wars


So, I was reading the clockwork hare, and started going through this post and  this post and instead of leaving a Long comment, wanted to post it here for all to see.

Star Wars V Star Trek – Both, Favorite iteration of Trek is Voyager, I just can’t really decide why I like it better…

Kirk V. Picard – I would go with kirk, but Janeway beats both of them.

DC V. Marvel – batman — meh.. superman is cool, xmen and iron man rock. so.. Marvel.

KDE v. Gnome – I don’t use enough linux to have an opinion.

Emacs v. Vi – When I was at A&M, took a programming class. the instructor had an infatuation with emacs/lisp. lisp stands for Lots of Infuriating Silly Parentheses. Was the worst programming class I ever took. He didn’t teach the language, he taught “structured programming/pseudocoding”. So we had to learn a foreign language on our own and bend it to fit the rules imposed by lisp. Emacs was the editor of the instructor’s choice so that is what we had to use.. therefore… I hates it, my precious…

Open Source V. Free software – the Gnu should be everyone’s mascot. no?


Part 2


Coke V. Pepsi – Coke or Mtn Dew (regular, code red, and blue)

Iphone v. Android – Wife wants iphone, i want android. using 20 dollar prepaid shell right now.
M$office V. Open Office – at work M$, at home OO.
Laptop V. Desktop – Laptops are nice, but Desktops are easier to work on (see upgrading and repair)
Y! V. MSN – I have Y!, hardly ever use it. When I do, I sign in invisible..
Gmail/Y!mail/Hotmail – I’ve used all three, prefer Yahoo mail
Picasa V. Flickr – don’t use them either.
WordPress V. Blogspot – Haven’t tried Blogspot, I asked BBB what he used to make his blog. He said wordpress so i went and gave it a try. Been mostly happy with it. (exception being wowhead links..) I didn’t understand about self hosting V. wordpress.com when i first started it.
Facebook V. Twitter – haven’t tried twitter, but honestly, do people need SMS versions of your daily life? I use facebook a lot, lets me talk to my old High School friends, and play some mind numbing farmville/castle age/ect…
Order of Star Wars – IV, V, VI, you mean there are others? I don’t consider anything with Jar Jar as part of the real story..

Asimov vs. Heinlein vs. Clarke: Heinlein – I love double star, and red planet


additional questions in the comments


Pokemon Red V. Blue – I’m not big on pokemon, bought red so I could play around with my nephew way back when. Grew outta that pretty quick.


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